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Byron M. Jones
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Byron M. Jones (Byron Jones) is a Christian movie producer[1] and managing partner of Pure Flix Entertainment[2].

Media Service With Cloud Ten Pictures

Jones started his career as Cloud Ten's VP of Entertainment[3], bringing movies such as Left Behind to the forefront of the industry (LEFT BEHIND was the #1 selling video in America its first week of release, beating out Toy Story 2 and The Green Mile)[4][5]

Byron began his career in marketing at Cloud Ten Pictures in 1997, where he headed up the sales and marketing departments during the release of the best selling Christian films such as Apocalypse, Revelation, Tribulation and Judgment, helping to develop international recognition and demand for quality Christian Movies.[6]. Byron maintained this position until January of 2002[7]

While with Cloud Ten, Billboard Magazine quoted Byron as saying "There are 170 Million Americans who go to church every Sunday, most of these people want to see an edgy action movie without all the other stuff"[8].

Garden City Pictures

Canadian Christianity ran a story on Jones talking about the new studio that he would start in Niagara Falls Canada "Our plan is not to bring Christianity to Hollywood, but to bring Hollywood-quality productions to the church," explains Byron Jones, president of Garden City Pictures.[9] It was with Garden City that Byron would bring aboard an Oscar award-winning, special effects supervisor and director to work on their first feature "Home Beyond the Sun" a Christian film that examines contemporary China’s dilemma of unwanted daughters in an overpopulated land of more than a billion souls. It is inspired by the true story of one of the children, the “found forsaken,” finding familial love[10].

Pure Flix Entertainment

Beginning in January of 2007 Byron Jones became a Managing Partner with Pure Flix Entertainment[11]. Byron along with musician Randy Travis, actor David A.R. White, Michael Scott, and Russell Wolfe. Pure Flix is known for producing and distributing movies such as The Wager, Hidden Secrets, and upcoming movie Sarah's Choice[12].


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Christian Testimony

Byron M. Jones became a Christian in year. Born in North Bay, Ontario he is a practicing Christian.[13]

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