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DeGarmo and Key
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"DeGarmo and Key" were a pop and rock style Christian music group that started professionally in 1978. The primary members were Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key. Eddie played keyboards and sang background vocals, occasionally singing lead. Dana played guitar and did the majority of the lead vocals. Other members included Tommy Cathey on bass and Chuck Reynolds on Drums. The group is perhaps best known for the song "Rock Solid".

Both Eddie and Dana have also recorded solo albums.


  • Eddie and Dana grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. The liner notes from "Greatest Hits Volume 1" cites Elvis Presley as a musical influence.
  • Eddie and Dana were originally in the band Globe and before they hit the studio, they dropped the band (due to becoming Christians), as well as music for a short while, before being influenced by Larry Norman to pursue a contemporary Christian music ministry.
  • Bassist Tommy Cathey's "trademark look" was a black suit and shirt with a white tie, white fedora with a black band, and sunglasses.
  • "Are You Ready" from Communication was a cover of the 1970 hit single by Pacific Gas & Electric (band)
  • DeGarmo & Key were the first Christian group to have a music video appear on MTV. The video was for the song, "Six, Six, Six" which was pulled from rotation due to violent content. (A man representing the antichrist was set on fire)
  • The album D&K was packaged with a second cassette with identical content, but a different color theme. The package was intended to be purchased at the price of a single cassette, then the second cassette was to be given to an "unsaved friend."
  • The song "Don't Stop the Music" was a response to the anti-"Christian Rock" position of Jimmy Swaggart.
  • The liner notes to the album D&K, for the song "Brother Against Brother" included the words "dedicated to Jimmy Swaggart" blacked out but still visible on close inspection.
  • The height of their popularity was in the '80s.


  • 1978 This Time Thru
  • 1979 Straight On
  • 1980 This Ain't Hollywood
  • 1982 No Turning Back - Live
  • 1983 Mission of Mercy
  • 1984 Communication
  • 1985 Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade
  • 1986 Streetlight
  • 1987 Streetrock (early career best-of)
  • 1987 D&K
  • 1988 Rock Solid - Absolutely Live
  • 1988 Feels Good to Be Forgiven (Eddie DeGarmo)
  • 1989 The Pledge
  • 1990 Phase II (Eddie DeGarmo)
  • 1990 The Journey: Walking with Jesus (Dana Key)
  • 1991 Go to the Top
  • 1992 Destined to Win: The Classic Rock Collection
  • 1993 Heat It Up
  • 1994(1) Greatest Hits Volume 1
  • 1994(2) To Extremes
  • 1995 Part of the Mystery (Dana Key)



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