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I believe in God. He is beyond our comprehension is so many ways. He created everything there is. With his breath, he breathes life into men, and has created us in his image. He is the sovereign of the universe, and holds infinite power and wisdom. Yet he is a personal being who has created us out of love, so that we can love. He loves us more than we can ever understand and wants us to love him, to worship him, to live with him. Nothing shows us this love more than Jesus Christ dying on the cross. These are mysteries that we cannot understand. We cannot understand how there can be an all-powerful creative God, yet I believe in him none the less. And we cannot understand how he could become a man and live among us, and die for us, yet I believe that he did this.

- Anonymous post

God is the central being. He created the Earth. He created man in His own image and He is the Father of all. God is mercy and is all that is love. Over 2 billion people in the world confess God as their Lord and savior. He is a personal being, who is three in one - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God has been here since the beginning. And He performs miracles in the world today. God stands ready to come into your life when you confess him and repent, this is when you are born again. God states in the Bible that his followers after the end of the World will sit with Him on His thrown in Heaven, living in eternal peace, while those who do not confess Him will be eternally separated in Hell.

- Anonymous post

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