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Job 11 - Versions
Job 11 Text (WEB)
  1. Then Zophar, the Naamathite, answered,
  2. "Shouldn't the multitude of words be answered? Should a man full of talk be justified?
  3. Should your boastings make men hold their peace? When you mock, shall no man make you ashamed?
  4. For you say, 'My doctrine is pure. I am clean in your eyes.'
  5. But oh that God would speak, and open his lips against you,
  6. that he would show you the secrets of wisdom! For true wisdom has two sides. Know therefore that God exacts of you less than your iniquity deserves.
  7. "Can you fathom the mystery of God? Or can you probe the limits of the Almighty?
  8. They are high as heaven. What can you do? They are deeper than Sheol. What can you know?
  9. Its measure is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea.
  10. If he passes by, or confines, or convenes a court, then who can oppose him?
  11. For he knows false men. He sees iniquity also, even though he doesn't consider it.
  12. An empty-headed man becomes wise when a man is born as a wild donkey's colt.
  13. "If you set your heart aright, stretch out your hands toward him.
  14. If iniquity is in your hand, put it far away. Don't let unrighteousness dwell in your tents.
  15. Surely then you shall lift up your face without spot; Yes, you shall be steadfast, and shall not fear:
  16. for you shall forget your misery. You shall remember it as waters that are passed away.
  17. Life shall be clearer than the noonday. Though there is darkness, it shall be as the morning.
  18. You shall be secure, because there is hope. Yes, you shall search, and shall take your rest in safety.
  19. Also you shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid. Yes, many shall court your favor.
  20. But the eyes of the wicked shall fail. They shall have no way to flee. Their hope shall be the giving up of the spirit."
Job 11 Text (Hebrew)
  1. ויען צפר הנעמתי ויאמר׃
  2. הרב דברים לא יענה ואם־איש שפתים יצדק׃
  3. בדיך מתים יחרישו ותלעג ואין מכלם׃
  4. ותאמר זך לקחי ובר הייתי בעיניך׃
  5. ואולם מי־יתן אלוה דבר ויפתח שפתיו עמך׃
  6. ויגד־לכ תעלמות חכמה כי־כפלים לתושיה ודע כי־ישה לך אלוה מעונך׃
  7. החקר אלוה תמצא אם עד־תכלית שדי תמצא׃
  8. גבהי שמים מה־תפעל עמקה משאול מה־תדע׃
  9. ארכה מארץ מדה ורחבה מני־ים׃
  10. אם־יחלף ויסגיר ויקהיל ומי ישיבנו׃
  11. כי־הוא ידע מתי־שוא וירא־און ולא יתבוןן׃
  12. ואיש נבוב ילבב ועיר פרא אדם יולד׃
  13. אם־אתה הכינות לבך ופרשת אליו כפך׃
  14. אם־און בידך הרחיקהו ואל־תשכן באהליך עולה׃
  15. כי־אז תשא פניך ממום והיית מצק ולא תירא׃
  16. כי־אתה עמל תשכח כמים עברו תזכר׃
  17. ומצהרים יקום חלד תעפה כבקר תהיה׃
  18. ובטחת כי־יש תקוה וחפרת לבטח תשכב׃
  19. ורבצת ואין מחריד וחלו פניך רבים׃
  20. ועיני רשעים תכלינה ומנוס אבד מנהם ותקותם מפח־נפש׃ ף
Job 11 Text (Greek)
  1. υπολαβων δε σωφαρ ο μιναιος
  2. ο τα πολλα λεγων και αντακουσεται η και ο ευλαλος οιεται ειναι δικαιος ευλογημενος γεννητος γυναικος
  3. μη πολυς εν ρημασιν γινου ου γαρ εστιν ο αντικρινομενος
  4. μη γαρ λεγε οτι καθαρος ειμι τοις εργοις και αμεμπτος εναντιον
  5. αλλα πως αν ο κυριος λαλησαι προς σε και ανοιξει χειλη αυτου μετα
  6. ειτα αναγγελει σοι δυναμιν σοφιας οτι διπλους εσται των κατα σε και τοτε γνωση οτι αξια σοι απεβη απο κυριου ων
  7. η ιχνος κυριου ευρησεις η εις τα εσχατα αφικου α εποιησεν ο
  8. υψηλος ο ουρανος και τι ποιησεις βαθυτερα δε των εν αδου τι
  9. η μακροτερα μετρου γης η ευρους
  10. εαν δε καταστρεψη τα παντα τις ερει αυτω τι
  11. αυτος γαρ οιδεν εργα ανομων ιδων δε ατοπα ου
  12. ανθρωπος δε αλλως νηχεται λογοις βροτος δε γεννητος γυναικος ισα ονω
  13. ει γαρ συ καθαραν εθου την καρδιαν σου υπτιαζεις δε χειρας προς
  14. ει ανομον τι εστιν εν χερσιν σου πορρω ποιησον αυτο απο σου αδικια δε εν διαιτη σου μη
  15. ουτως γαρ αναλαμψει σου το προσωπον ωσπερ υδωρ καθαρον εκδυση δε ρυπον και ου μη
  16. και τον κοπον επιληση ωσπερ κυμα παρελθον και ου
  17. η δε ευχη σου ωσπερ εωσφορος εκ δε μεσημβριας ανατελει σοι
  18. πεποιθως τε εση οτι εστιν σοι ελπις εκ δε μεριμνης και φροντιδος αναφανειται σοι
  19. ησυχασεις γαρ και ουκ εσται ο πολεμων σε μεταβαλομενοι δε πολλοι σου
  20. σωτηρια δε αυτους απολειψει η γαρ ελπις αυτων απωλεια οφθαλμοι δε ασεβων
Job 11 Text (Latin)
  1. Respondens autem Sophar Naamathites, dixit :
  2. Numquid qui multa loquitur, non et audiet ? aut vir verbosus justificabitur ?
  3. Tibi soli tacebunt homines ? et cum ceteros irriseris, a nullo confutaberis ?
  4. Dixisti enim : Purus est sermo meus, et mundus sum in conspectu tuo.
  5. Atque utinam Deus loqueretur tecum, et aperiret labia sua tibi,
  6. ut ostenderet tibi secreta sapientiæ, et quod multiplex esset lex ejus, et intelligeres quod multo minora exigaris ab eo quam meretur iniquitas tua !
  7. Forsitan vestigia Dei comprehendes, et usque ad perfectum Omnipotentem reperies ?
  8. Excelsior cælo est, et quid facies ? profundior inferno, et unde cognosces ?
  9. Longior terra mensura ejus et latior mari.
  10. Si subverterit omnia, vel in unum coarctaverit, quis contradicet ei ?
  11. Ipse enim novit hominum vanitatem ; et videns iniquitatem, nonne considerat ?
  12. Vir vanus in superbiam erigitur, et tamquam pullum onagri se liberum natum putat.
  13. Tu autem firmasti cor tuum, et expandisti ad eum manus tuas.
  14. Si iniquitatem quæ est in manu tua abstuleris a te, et non manserit in tabernaculo tuo injustitia,
  15. tunc levare poteris faciem tuam absque macula ; et eris stabilis, et non timebis.
  16. Miseriæ quoque oblivisceris et quasi aquarum quæ præterierunt recordaberis.
  17. Et quasi meridianus fulgor consurget tibi ad vesperam ; et cum te consumptum putaveris, orieris ut lucifer.
  18. Et habebis fiduciam, proposita tibi spe, et defossus securus dormies.
  19. Requiesces, et non erit qui te exterreat ; et deprecabuntur faciem tuam plurimi.
  20. Oculi autem impiorum deficient, et effugium peribit ab eis, et spes illorum abominatio animæ.
Job 11 Text (KJV)
  1. Then answered Zophar the Naamathite, and said,
  2. Should not the multitude of words be answered? and should a man full of talk be justified?
  3. Should thy lies make men hold their peace? and when thou mockest, shall no man make thee ashamed?
  4. For thou hast said, My doctrine is pure, and I am clean in thine eyes.
  5. But oh that God would speak, and open his lips against thee;
  6. And that he would shew thee the secrets of wisdom, that they are double to that which is! Know therefore that God exacteth of thee less than thine iniquity deserveth.
  7. Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?
  8. It is as high as heaven; what canst thou do? deeper than hell; what canst thou know?
  9. The measure thereof is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea.
  10. If he cut off, and shut up, or gather together, then who can hinder him?
  11. For he knoweth vain men: he seeth wickedness also; will he not then consider it?
  12. For vain man would be wise, though man be born like a wild ass's colt.
  13. If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him;
  14. If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles.
  15. For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be stedfast, and shalt not fear:
  16. Because thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away:
  17. And thine age shall be clearer than the noonday; thou shalt shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning.
  18. And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope; yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest in safety.
  19. Also thou shalt lie down, and none shall make thee afraid; yea, many shall make suit unto thee.
  20. But the eyes of the wicked shall fail, and they shall not escape, and their hope shall be as the giving up of the ghost.
Job 11


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