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Laodicea was a town in ancient Asia (modern-day Turkey). It was a wealthy town in New Testament times and the church there was the subject of a mini-letter in Revelation 3

Letter to the church at Laodicea

Revelation 3 contains a letter to the church at Laodicea. The letter is a call for the church to stand out from the rest of the town and be useful. Jesus spoke into the context of the Laodiceans who were known for the poor quality luke-warm water supply. This was in contrast to the cold refreshing water of near-by Colosse and the comforting warm water of near-by Hierapolis. Rather than being luke-warm and useless he called them to be hot or cold, both of which were useful and good. Likewise, although materially wealthy and known for their healing eye ointment and textile industry, Jesus rebuked the church as actually being poor, blind and naked. Yet the letter ends with the the gentle invitation to open the door to Jesus.

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