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Yes, my name really is India. I'm a nondenominational Protestant living in America, a mostly stay-at-home mom, and the owner of Rational Christianity. I am hoping to work on the apologetics section on WikiChristian as I have time.

Please contact me using email instead of the talk page. My email is my user name at my website domain.


Are you Indian/from India?
Were you born in India?
Did your parents name you after the country?
Do you speak any Indian languages?
Any connection at all to the country?


Where'd you get your name, then?

There's a character in Gone With the Wind named India Wilkes (Ashley Wilkes' sister), and that's where my mother first ran across the name India.

From Johnson

Hello India! I notice that you are interested in Christian Apologetics. I too am deeply interested in Christian Apologetics and would love to interact with you. Since you have been active in posting on Apologetics, would you be able to give me some idea of the areas in which articles are needed? Dr. Johnson C. Philip (talk) 21:48, 20 September 2015 (MDT)