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Hi Cpark,

I am wondering if we should try to change our domain name to and forward the to that domain since it makes more sense as we want to keep it a non-commercial project. Please share your thoughts on that. We already have both the domains with us.


Hi Cpark,

Thanks for the interest in this wiki project and for the wonderful blog you maintain. It sounds like you are a technical guy! I am a technical guy too (I sometimes wonder why am I in medicine!)

Graham and I had no choice but to protect the pages when we were overwhelmed by a vandal who was posting links to pornographic material with windows that keep opening on your face and destroying our hard work. I practically had to go to the database and remove the links from even the history and replace with *Censored* since they were so offensive.

However, as the project grows, we can unlock more and more pages and I appreciate you unlocking some of the pages already. Please keep the KJV Bible locked for now since we do not want people making subtle changes in the middle of a book as happened earlier. Thank you and welcome omboard as a member of Wikichristian sysop! May God be with you and bless you richly in all what you do!


Uh, you do realize that pages have do be editable by *anyone*, not just sysops for it to be considered a wiki, right?


Er...yeah (though a wiki is software, so it could be a wiki without being editable by anyone). I'd love to keep them editable by anyone. However, because of the vandalism that we're currently suffering we don't have that option. We're working on alternatives. If you wish to edit a page please create a user account and we'll be more than happy to grant you access to pages for legitimate edits. Cpark 19:37, 7 Feb 2005 (PST)


from your own website: Many wikis allow pages to be protected from editing; in most wikis, this is used only in extreme and rare cases. Protected pages on Wikipedia, for example, can be edited only by the administrators, who can also revoke the protection. Generally, such actions are considered as against the basic wiki philosophy, and, therefore, are usually avoided. At any given time, the English Wikipedia has perhaps thirty protected pages, out of hundreds of thousands.

The key phrase: "Generally, such actions are considered as against the basic wiki philosopy...".


Of course, however one must consider the posting of extremely off color material an "extreme" case. The targetted audience of this site would not want to see some of the photos that have been posted. Also, some of the text has mocked God and therefore might also be considered an "extreme" case. A pity that there are those out there that choose to vandalise this site so much that protected pages are no longer a "rare" occurance. Unfourtunetly we don't have the huge user base to revert articles that Wikipedia does. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if some vandals defaced every page they have referring to the Bible or Christianity. They'd probably just laugh at that vandal.

Irregardless, anyone who wishes to post need only create a username, post some type of testimony/SOMETHING in their user page...and then contact a sysop. At this point posting from an IP does nothing but raise suspicion. Cpark 03:51, 8 Feb 2005 (PST).

Bureaucrats and Sysops

Hi. Hope all is well. I've changed you from a Bureaucrat to a Sysop. See WikiChristian:Village pump#Bureaucrats and Sysops. If you reckon I've done wrong, let me know. Thanks. --Graham grove 16:19, 25 July 2008 (PDT)

Clean-up Project

Hello. Firstly, I just want to flag the following page to you WikiChristian:Clean-up. You can see WikiChristian has undergone some major changes since you were last regularly editting. Hopefully you'd like to help out with some of this cleaning up. --Graham grove 12:09, 8 October 2008 (PDT)