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1) "Purgatory is not discussed in the Bible, so where did this belief come from?"

Catholics believe that 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 refers to the state of Purgatory.

2) "2 Maccabees is one of the books of the apocrypha and was never part of the canon of Scripture."

It was part of Christian canon from the first formal determinations, including the Council of Rome in 382 AD, Council of Hippo in 393 AD, and the Second Council of Carthage in 397 AD.

Thanks. I've reworded the paragraphs and hopefully removed any incorrect facts. It now reads, "The word 'purgatory' is not found in the Bible"; and says that 2 Maccabees is not considered Scripture by Protestants. --Graham grove 00:03, 13 November 2006 (EST)

I think your question:

If Christ paid for our debt in full and there is no condemnation in Christ, then how can purgatory be required or real?

... has an inherent (and likely unintended) definitional bias. You ask how purgatory can exist if those whom are saved are not condemned. However, purgatory is clearly not a condemnation as all those who experience purgatory are destined for Heaven anyway. So -- when you structure your question in such a way, you will by default conclude that purgatory is false.

Very respectfully, AmericanCatholic 16 June 2008