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I believe that the Bible is composed only of the 66 Protestant canon books. All other books are heretical in my opinion. I personally don't see why people get confused on this subject. It's rather simple if you study the origins and backgrounds of other "Christian texts" and their authors.


Jehovah's Witnesses

This ones not hard to defute. The New World Translation (Jehovah's Witnesses Bible) was translated by the Watchtower, a religious leadership committee for the denomination. The translators claimed to have translated the texts directly from the original Greek and Hebrew texts. However, the group's translators were tested, and they failed to even know a single letter in the Greek alphabet. That right there should tell you their Bible is not trustworthy, not to mention it contradicts itself numerous times in order to defend the denomination's false doctrines.


This one's pretty easy too. Mr. Mormon claimed to have had a revelation from God that told him to write the Book of Mormon. That right there proves him wrong as the Bible states in Revelation that no man is to add or take away from the Bible. Therefore God would not contradict Himself and ask Mormon to add to the Bible. Also, many of the doctrines found in the Book of Mormon completely abolish many foundational Christian beliefs (such as the deity of Christ and the fact that we can never be equal to Jesus). So, this "new testament of Jesus" is completely untrustworthy.




It is unfortunate that Christians continue to confuse the lost and dying world with our numerous translations of the Bible. I believe that if most Protestant knew where most modern translations came from, they'd quickly deny them. However, many Christians just assume that if it's called a Bible, then it must be inspired.