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ALEJANDRA ANDERSON Alejandra Anderson is a Christian award winning web designer based in Vancouver originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. Alejandra graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Chihuahua in 1996. Shortly thereafter she moved to Canada, and began to explore video editing. This quickly grew into a small business, leading to her nomination for Best Business Entrepreneur by S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (a social services agency that promotes business development for Canadian immigrants). She expanded her multimedia training at UBC where she graduated at the top of her class and was asked upon graduation to take a Teachers Assistant position. Inevitably her work was spotted and she was soon asked to join a Print Design company where she started to work as a web Designer and Developer. Her designs earned her a Standard of Excellence web award and she was soon asked to join Tribal DDB Canada, one of the top creative agencies in Vancouver. She has been creating a wide range of interactive materials for a client base that included:

Some Christian Organizations I have had the honor to work for/with: - The Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada - Mennonite Central Committee in British Columbia, Canada - Alliance Churches , Calgary - Mennonite church: Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship

Some Non Christian Organizations: - Lipton Tea - Gatorade - BC Children Hospital Foundation - Timex Series Alberta - West Coast Fishing Club - Tribal DDB Canada

Alejandra wants to let God work through her and use her talents for His Glory. Her passion is to create strong online brand strategies for Christian business in the Entertainment, Fashion, Health and Organic Industries.

Alejandra's Mission is:

  • To create alliances (not just clients) where honesty, trust, integrity and understanding are essential to every interaction.
  • To facilitate the client's personal view of success through powerful interactive branding.
  • To encourage clients, freelancers, contractors or other working partners to live a healthy balanced full life in Jesus Christ our Lord.


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