Believer's baptism

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Believer's baptism (adult baptism)

Believer's baptism is the doctrine that baptism is an outward sign of regeneration that occurs when a person puts his faith in Christ, and as such baptism is only appropriate for believing adults, and not for infants.

In the New Testament, all fo the stories of baptisms are related to new belief and conversion and this is often cited as an argument for believer's baptism today.

Some of the denominations that practice believer's baptism only include Baptist churches. In contrast the majority of Christian denominations also practice infant baptism including Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox denominations.

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David F. Wright on baptism in church history in his article "One Baptism or Two?"[1]

The history of baptismal practice and discussion is littered with the inappropriate application of texts and formulae (such as the assertions of "one baptism" in Ephesians 4 and the Nicene Creed), without regard to their original meaning


  1. Wright D.F., "One Baptism or Two? Reflections on the History of Christian Baptism", Evangelical Review of Theology. Volume 13, 1989:331


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