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"Forgotten" is a song by [[Graham Grove]], composed in 1997.
composed in 1997.

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composed in 1997.


Lord, don't ever let me forget

Those early days when we first met

Then fire burnt within my heart

I never wanted us to part

Yet time has passed and I forget

That you love me and payed by debt

How can it be

That you've stayed with me

Through all I've done

Against your son

I have not served, I have not learnt

I have not loved, and I have turned

Lord as I sing I am ashamed

It is Jesus that I have maimed

On that Friday I was guilty

I drove those nails into that tree

Yet time has passed and this I know

That he loves me, and helps me grow

I can't describe the peace he gives

But this I'll do as I live

I'll try to serve, I'll try to learn

I'll try to love, and not to turn

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