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''Synopsis:'' Λεγω is the [[Koine Greek]] word meaning: I say
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==Main article==
Λεγω is the [[Koine Greek]] verb meaning: I say
Λεγω is the [[Koine Greek]] verb meaning: I say
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* Ερρεθην - (Aorist Passive)
* Ερρεθην - (Aorist Passive)
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[[Category:Koine Greek]]
[[Category:Koine Greek]]

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Λεγω is the Koine Greek verb meaning: I say

It is an irregular verb. It occurs commonly in its Third Person Singular Aorist Active Indicative form in the Bible ειπεν meaning "he said"

Its Principle Parts are

  • Λεγω - I say (Present)
  • Ερω - I will say (Future)
  • Ειπον - I said (Aorist)
  • Ειρηκα - I have said (Perfect)
  • Ειρημαι - (Perfect Passive)
  • Ερρεθην - (Aorist Passive)

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