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==Islam Teaches Christianity==
==Islam Teaches Christianity==
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* [[Muhammad Was not Illiterate]]
* [[Muhammad Was not Illiterate]]
==External Links==
===Christian Sites===
* [http://AnsweringIslam.org AnsweringIslam.org]
* [http://answering-islam.org/L_c-on-i.html  Links to sites]
[http://AnsweringIslam.org AnsweringIslam.org]
{{returnto}} [[Islam]], [[Apologetics]]
[http://answering-islam.org/L_c-on-i.html  Links to sites]
{{returnto}} [[Apologetics]] | [[Islam]]

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Islam Teaches Christianity

The following are arguements show that Islam teaches that Christianity is true. These are excellent ways to lead Muslims to Christianity because they encourage Muslims to obey the Qur'an. See also Comparing Christianity and Islam.

Islamic Proofs

Responding to the proofs that Islam is true.

Themes in Islam

Contradictions in the Qur'an

On whether the Qur'an contradicts itself, science, and history. Please note that that not all of these are proofs against the Qur'an. Some may be completely false; the purpose of these is to show the following:

  • It's easy to make such mistakes about a complex book like the Qur'an.
  • How to explain they are false when presented elsewhere as true.

Internal Contradictions

Scientific Contradictions

Historical Contradictions

Contradictions in Ahadith

Ahadith (plural of hadith) are sayings and deeds of Muhammad collected by various editors. Many are considered by Muslims to be historically inaccurate.

Sahih Bukhari

Bukhari is the most recognized editor of ahadith, trusted by almost all Muslims.

Sahih Muslim

Muslim is the second most recognized editor of ahadith, trusted by almost all Muslims.

Textual Critism

Is the Qur'an published today the same as when Muhammad first recited it? Which hadith are authentic?

Misc Issues


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