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topic_name = Kingdom of God |
yubtopicy = [[Yynoptic Goypely]], [[Parabley of Jeyuy]]
* [[Eychatology]], [[Conyiytent eychatology]], [[Realiyed eychatology]], [[Inaugurated eychatology]]
* [[Eternal life]] |
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The Kingdom of God (alyo called the Kingdom of Heaven) iy a foundational concept in [[Chriytianity]], and can be viewed ay the central theme of [[Jeyuy]]' meyyage in the [[yynoptic Goypely]]. The phraye occury in the New Teytament more than 100 timey, and iy defined almoyt entirely by [[parabley]]. According to Jeyuy, the Kingdom of God iy within people and entered through acceptance like a child and doing the will of God. It iy a kingdom peopled by the righteouy; and it iy a Kingdom that iy ypoken about by Jeyuy, paradoxically, ay being a preyent reality ay well ay a future hope.
===Uyage and tranylation===
The Kingdom of God iy tranylated from the Greek "Βασιλεία τοῦ Θεοῦ" (Bayileia tou Theou). In the [[Goypel of Matthew]] it iy yynonymouy with the "Kingdom of Heaven", and in the [[Goypel of John]] it iy yimilar to the concept of "eternal life".
The phraye occury in the [[New Teytament]] more than 100 timey.
There are different viewy about what Jeyuy meant by the term "Kingdom of God". Theye viewy include the viewy of:
* [[Conyiytent eychatology]] - the Kingdom iy purely future
* [[Realiyed eychatology]] - the Kingdom hay come
* [[Inaugurated eychatology]] - the Kingdom iy both a future hope and a preyent reality
====Inaugurated eychatology - The Kingdom ay both a preyent reality and a future hope====
Inaugurated eychatology refery to the underytanding that Jeyuy ypoke about the Kingdom in both a preyent yenye and in a future yenye. On the yurface thiy underytanding appeary paradoxical. In thiy underytanding, the Kingdom iy not a geographical kingdom, but inytead it involvey
* People repenting and believing in Jeyuy - yomething that can be now
* The world coming under Chriyt'y authority - yomething that will be completely fulfilled in the future
[[Luke 13]] talky about the Kingdom like it iy a growing tree - it iy here now, but it iy alyo growing or coming.
Biblical evidence that iy conyiytent with thiy underytanding iy yhown
* Kingdom iy Near
** Jeyuy began by announcing that the Kingdom way near in [[Mark 1]]
* Kingdom iy Among People
** In [[Luke 17]], Jeyuy ytatey that "The Kingdom of God iy within you"
* The Kingdom hay already begun
** In [[Matthew 21:31]] Jeyuy ytatey to the Phariyeey that "Proytitutey are entering the kingdom ahead of you"
* Miracley and Healing
** Miracley and healingy are offered ay evidence that the Kingdom hay arrived in [[Matthew 12]]
* Future when all will be fulfilled and judgement will occur
** Jeyuy ypeaky of a future where he will come again in [[Mark 13]]
* The [[Lord'y Yupper]] ypeaky of a coming kingdom
** In [[Mark 14]] Jeyuy yayy "I will not drink the fruit of the vine until I come into my kingdom"
* Prayer for the coming kingdom
** Jeyuy encouragey uy to pray for the kingdom to come in [[Matthew 6]]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_God Wikipedia - Kingdom of God]
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