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The following Canadian Christian media workers are invited to list on WikiChristian and write about their arts, media and music ministries. If they join and create a login, their listing will appear under the category called Media Workers in Canada.

As a Christian media worker listed on WikiChristian:

  1. You accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.
  2. You agree with our WikiChristian:Statement of Faith.
  3. You promise to follow the WikiChristian:Guiding Principles for Media Workers.
  4. You are known as a Christian in your community and your country.
  5. You work or volunteer in a form of media that positively influences your community and your country.
  6. You practice your media service and media ministry in a way that gives glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are a Canadian Christian working or volunteering in media, please list yourself on for free here. If you would like your name removed from the list below, please contact David.

The Following Canadian Christian Media Workers Are Invited to List on

The large list from should be added here.


  1. Karla Adolphe serves along with her husband Gary as Lead Arts Missionaries of Smallgate, an arts missions organization devoted to reaching post-modern, new age musicians and audience members around North America.
  2. Addison Simon Aspilla and


  1. Jordan Bateman President of Outlawed Wonderings Media Group, a firm specializing in freelance writing, ghostwriting, design, and editing, in Langley, British Columbia.
  2. Rob Berg
  3. Art Best "Blue River Gospel Bluegrass Band"
  4. Brian Belleth
  5. Joe BevAcqua and Daphne BevAcqua form the band BevAcqua and
  6. Timothy Bloedow writer
  7. Sandra Bork radio ministry in London (Invited by 14:34, 11 January 2009 (PST))


  1. Bob Cates Comedy in Motion
  2. Suzie Chiodo writer and editor
  3. Val Coulman writer and InScribe member and


  1. J.R. Dash Publicist for music (invited by 02:28, 3 January 2009 (PST))
  2. Terri-Lynn Dymock and


  1. Warner Einer in Brisco, Britisih Columbia. We are interested in starting a Christian Low Power Radio Broadcasting Station in the Columbia Valley of BC. Need to know how to affiliate with Christian Media.


  1. Amanda Falk and
  2. Jim Felix Cree gospel singer from Sturgeon Lake, Saskatchewan more info.. Jim has served as a pastor and Native Director of Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) and has traveled extensively across Canada and the USA sharing his unique style of Ministry in both word and music. His music has taken him to many reservations in America where he has developed a large following among both the Navajo and Apache people in the southwest. He has appeared on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) worldwide as well as many other radio and television programs throughout North America. As a songwriter he says he writes most of his material while in the recording studio inspired by God through fervent prayer. Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
  3. Jesse Feyen musician (invited by 02:29, 3 January 2009 (PST))
  4. Peter Fleck writer and publisher
  5. Silvana Frammartino Toronto based Wedding Photographer specializing in wedding photography , children's photography , portrait photography and family portraits.


  1. Nathan Gerber and his Divine Force Company Nathan serves as the Founding Director of Divine Force Company (DFC), a Christian hip-hop outreach troupe - Toronto, Ontario
  2. Greg Glatz he is the lead pastor at Central Baptist Church and the lead guitar player for the Royal Unruh Band
  3. Rick Green sales at CJRI and is host of the afternoon program.


  1. Claire Hutchinson (invited by 02:27, 11 January 2009 (PST))


  1. Bim ingersoll musician and writer (invited by 02:24, 11 January 2009 (PST))
  2. Ross Ingram radio pioneer
  3. Evangeline Inman



  1. Tom Kerber


  1. Aileen Lombardo


  1. Shaun MacKenzie Productions in Moncton, NB Canada
  2. Lynda Mackie SweetWater Bluegrass Gospel Band, Chesterville, Ontario
  3. Christine Magee and
  4. Stephanie Mainville in St. John, New Brunswick and
  5. Elizabeth Ann Mathai
  6. Andy McNabb Andy McNabb & Company/Y2Marketing/McNabb Broadcasting
  7. Pat Morten



  1. Michael O'Brien a Christian artist and novelist who lives near Pembroke, Ontario. He was referred by Bob Du Broy


  1. Kimberley Payne
  2. Steve Plitt
  3. Gertie Pool writer (invited by 02:25, 11 January 2009 (PST))




  1. Seppo Salminen and RNM Productions
  2. Roy Salmond music producer based in British Columbia
  3. Elyse Schindel a singer/songwriter based in Calgary, Alberta with a heart for worship and
  4. Deb Sears
  5. Eric A. Smith
  6. Jeff Smyth


  1. Matt Tapley worship music leader Lakemount Worship Centre - Grimsby, Ontario
  2. Dianne Ticknor singer
  3. Mark J. Tulloch



  1. Andrew Van Leerdam in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Kev Wood and




  1. Marshall Zacharias Avante Records - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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