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Mylon LeFevre

Mylon LeFevre (born on October 6, 1944 in Gulfport, Mississippi) was born into a Southern Gospel family, The Singing LeFevres, but stopped attending church when he left home. At 17 years old, he wrote his first song, "Without Him," while in the Army. The gospel song was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1963, and within the next year, 126 artists had recorded his songs. He recorded his classic song “Gospel Ship" on his first album" Mylon, We Believe". His early gospel songs and recordings sold millions of copies.

In his secular career, he recorded or toured with different well known artists, including Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, and Paul McCartney.

While he has claimed for many years to have been a founding member of seminal Southern Rock act, Atlanta Rhythm Section, the band's website disputes this claim. He did, however, appear as a fill in vocalist on several tracks from their album, "Third Annual Pipe Dream".

He used cocaine for ten years. After a heroin overdose in the early 1970's, he slowly began his return to the Christian faith.

In 1980, LeFevre "committed [his] life to Jesus", quit rock and roll and became a janitor at his church in Atlanta, Ga. He started a Christian band named Mylon and Broken Heart in 1981 with some musicians he met in Bible study. Over the next ten years, he released twelve CDs and traveled over a million miles. In 1988 his band was honored with a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus for their album "Crack the Sky." LeFevre and his band were awarded two Dove Awards, and sold another million records. About this period (1982-1991), LeFevre said, "I was a Christian musician who preached a little, worshipped a little, and rocked a lot." He suffered a massive heart attack in 1989.

Later, LeFevre became a preacher and teacher, and his recordings focused on worship and praise music. He and his wife Christi minister in about 75 churches a year. He has also spoken at motorcycle rallies, NASCAR owner/driver chapel services, NFL and NBA chapel services, and in the former Soviet Union, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Cayman Islands, and Mexico.

He is the father-in-law of Peter Furler of the Christian band the Newsboys.

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