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Contraception (Pilhet)

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{{opinionarticle}}<div style=" width:auto; border: 2px solid brown; background-color:Whitesmoke; padding:10px;">  <center><font size="5"><font color="brown">'''ALREADY SEARED: Why I Am Now Against Contraception, and an Appeal to My Fellow Christians'''</font></font></center><center><font size="2">By [[User:P.B. Pilhet|<font color="black">Justin Matas</font>]]</font></center>  <font color="brown">When I was a Protestant teenager, someone close to me shared how they believed women could become pastors. Up to that point in my life, I had always adhered to the more conservative view that only men were called by God to that role. And frankly, it was unusual that this particular person espoused the more liberal view, given that otherwise they are very conservative.
So I did what any good Protestant would do: I went to the Bible. I attempted to show this person the various verses from St. Paul which stated women were not to have authority over men, etc. They in turn argued that Paul only said those things to quell women who were causing disruption in certain churches. The apostle didn't mean it to be taken universally and literally, otherwise he would have been (get ready for this) a ''sexist''.