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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Kevin Rogers Cobus goes here".- Kevin Rogers Cobu '''Kevin Rogers Cobus''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • in contrast to most [[Protestant]] churches that teach that baptism is a symbolic event and therefore in itself it holds no saving power. {{returnto}} [[Christianity]] -> [[Essence of Christianity]] -> [[Becoming a Christian]] -> [[Baptism]]
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Graham Johnson goes here".- Graham Johnson}} '''Graham Johnson''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Bob Olynyk goes here".- Bob Olynyk}} '''Bob Olynyk''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Diane Exner goes here".- Diane Exner}} '''Diane Exner''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...ction. This body of information and creativity is considered to be part of a common cultural and intellectual heritage, which, in general, anyone may us
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Kimberley Payne goes here".- Kimberley Payne}} '''Kimberley Payne''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in public spe
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  • ...s) was a person that God called to be a deliver to the people of Israel in a time of need. The story of the judges is told in the [[Book of Judges]] in
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  • [[Image:Cross sunrise.jpg|thumb|center|The [[cross]] representing a [[God]] who has redeemed us is central to [[Christianity]].]] | * [[Becoming a Christian]], [[Grace]]
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  • ...marriage so that they become as one person. Today the issue of divorce is a difficult one for the church in terms of how to remain loving to Christians
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  • ...word difficult to define. It refers to the beliefs concerning an object or person considered to be [[supernatural]] or [[divine]], and the [[moral]] values a ...[[Islam]]. Many people believe that there are many divine beings or gods, a view called [[polytheism]]. [[Hinduism]] is the most well known polytheisti
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  • An apologist is a person who defends Christianity through argument and discussion. ...Jesus was a man only, and not God). Irenaeus's work against gnosticism is a very famous work in regards to [[Christian apologetics]] and commonly goes
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  • The Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) is the third person of the [[Trinity]], co-equal with [[God the Father]] and [[Jesus Christ]]. ...[[Trinity]] is one of the great mysteries of Christianity, and it is also a core teachings of orthodox [[Christianity]], setting Christianity apart fro
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  • ...acts of disobedience to God committed by a person) and [[original sin]] (a person being born sinful). Personal sins are further subdivided into either mortal ...mitting a mortal sin cuts off the sinner from God’s grace; it is in itself a rejection of God. If left un-reconciled, mortal sins result in eternal puni
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  • {{quote | text="My experience as a DJ at [[CFRU 93.3 FM]] was an exhilarating experience and I 'm glad I had t '''Doug Dix''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] who was involved in [[
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  • A [[:Category:Jamaican-born Christian|Jamaican-born Christian]] involved in c ...ley-Brown] is a team building facilitator and professional actress. She is a member of [ ACTRA]. Anne runs her own consulting firm ca
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  • ...tion | Book of Revelation]] was not sent to a single church, but rather to a group of churches, as was [[1 Peter]] and possibly [[2 Peter]].
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  • ...stian exclusivism is the teaching that it is only through [[Jesus]] that a person can be [[saved]]. Jesus himself stated in the [[New Testament]], "I am the : ''If a person in a remote area has never heard of [[Christ]], he will not be punished for that
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Sandra Bork goes here".- Sandra Bork}} '''Sandra Bork''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Catego
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  • discipline during which, traditionally, a person abstains from food for a period of time. In practice, the fast may vary in length of time, or in the ...sted, and in fact, seemed to assume that his disciples would be fasting on a regular basis. In [[Matthew 6]], Jesus began his teaching on both prayer an
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Dan Thomson goes here".- Dan Thomson}} '''Dan Thomson''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Len Kinzel goes here".- Len Kinzel}} '''Len Kinzel''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Peter Church goes here".- Peter Church}} '''Peter Church''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...ok of Nehemiah]]. He lived in the time when [[Kingdom of Judah|Judah]] was a province of the [[Persian Empire]]. After hearing of the desolate condition
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  • ...Genesis]], tells about the creation of the universe and [[God]] choosing a person ([[Abraham]]) to be the father of his people. The next four books ([[Exodus ...Genesis]], tells about the creation of the universe and [[God]] choosing a person ([[Abraham]]) to be the father of his people.
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  • Jesus as the Son of God denotes the fact that, as a man, Jesus was begotten of the Father and generated in conception through d ...of men in human form ([[Philippians 2]]:7-8). Jesus was born of a virgin, a [[doctrine]] well attested in the [[New Testament]] and found deep in the b
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Pamela Mytroen goes here".- Pamela Mytroen}} '''Pamela Mytroen''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...franca of the Roman Empire during the time of [[Jesus]]. A Greek is also a person from Greece, and is used in the [[New Testament]] to describe either people
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  • ...rew]]. The word "Hebrew" is also used as an ajdective to describe a Jewish person or custom.
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Adam Padfield goes here".- Adam Padfield}} ...' is involved in [[:Category:Music|music]] ministry in [[Canada]]. Adam is a guitarist and songwriter and has been playing the piano since age 2. He too
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  • ...ntly then many translations. In this translation, Jesus is referred to as "a god" at John 1:1.
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  • ...enalty, many [[Christian]]s are morally opposed to it, because once dead a person is unable to repent and find Christ, among other reasons. Again, notably, m
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Robert White goes here".- Robert White}} '''Robert White''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • '''Brett Ullman''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor ...r faith. Since 1997, [[Worlds Apart]]’s has a legacy of reaching youth is a growing inspiration to many. Brett is also the founder and developer of th
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Sarah Kariuki goes here".- Sarah Kariuki}} '''Sarah Kariuki''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ''Sourced from CARMPedia, a short-lived wiki created by [[CARM]]'' ...into a new God-man nature. They are separate yet act as a unit in the one person of Jesus. This is called the Hypostatic Union.
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  • ...lic theology, an indulgence is the remission of temporal punishment due to a sin granted by the Roman Catholic Church. Disagreement over the doctrine of .... But in the special sense in which we are speaking here, an indulgence is a remission of the temporal punishment due to sin, the guilt of which has bee
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Jamie Penner goes here".- Jamie Penner}} '''Jamie Penner''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...s tell me that I should not hate the white man, but that it was my duty as a Christian to love all. ''Martin Luther King Jr.''}} on civil rights in the United States and he is frequently referenced as a human rights icon today.
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  • covers [[Contemporary Christian music]], published by Salem Publishing, a division of Salem Communications. It was first published in July 1978. ...k of Ages...Hymns and Faith'' release and the magazine's 25th anniversary, a special "Amy Issue" of the magazine was released, for which Grant served as
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  • ...r gives an overview of the [[Christian]] faith. In it Paul teaches us that a believer is saved because of his faith in [[Jesus Christ]] and not through ...the Romans is justification through faith alone. Paul describes that every person has sinned
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  • ...that originated in [[Britain]] and [[North America]] in the 19th century. A major difference between [[Christianity]] is the rejection of the [[Trinity ...t God is the creator of all things and the father of true believers. He is a separate being from his son, Jesus Christ
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  • ...ay with that person. The inquirers were often given some resources such as a [[Gospel of John]] or [[Bible]] study booklet. In [[Moscow]] in 1992, one- ...ttp:// Biofile: Billy Graham, a biography page]
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  • ...y he received in his person, a human intellect and will, and all else that a child would naturally receive from its mother. * Jesus is both fully God and fully Man, two "natures" in one person.
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  • * [[Becoming a Christian]] | ...ling of, or submersion in, water of a new [[Christian]]. It represents the person's cleansing from all [[sin]] by the [[death of Jesus]] Christ.
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  • ...nificant word, person, and place in the [[Bible]] and [[Apocrypha]], it is a standard by which other Biblical encyclopedias are measured. In contains a In addition there is a completely overhauled, modern version which should not be confused with the
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  • * [[A look at justification by faith and good works in Luther's theology (J.S)]] a term used in [[Christian]]ity to describe [[God]]'s declaration that a [[sin]]ner is without sin because of God's [[forgiveness]].
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  • The term born again is used to describe the the time a person becomes a [[Christian]]. Christians believe that when they place their faith in the d {{returnto}} [[Christianity]] -> [[Essence of Christianity]] -> [[Becoming a Christian]]
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Byron Spradlin goes here".- Byron Spradlin}} '''Byron Spradlin''' is a [[:Category:American Christians|American Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...aising God - [[Worship]], [[Prayer]], [[Proclaiming the Gospel]], [[Living a holy life]], [[Reading the Bible]], [[Fasting]] * [[Living as a Christian (E.M.)]]
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  • ...ot whether you are religious, attend church, read the Bible or try to live a good life. The important question is, ‘Are you born again?’ For unless Why should a person be ‘born again’? The [[Bible]] describes the desperate condition of the
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  • "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller '''Gerri Maynard''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Alejandra Anderson goes here".- Alejandra Anderso '''Alejandra Anderson''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • by U2 that speaks about a Christian's desire for [[God]] to make him a person of purpose, peace, gentleness, purity and love. The word [[Yahweh]] is an E Always pain before a child is born
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  • The Pharisees were a Jewish religious party during the time of [[Jesus]]. They were very strict The word '''Pharisee''' is sometimes used today to describe a person who follows the letter of the law, but doesn't understand or live by the un
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Laurie Marks Vincent goes here".- Laurie Marks Vi '''Laurie Marks Vincent''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • 1948, and at age 30 was (and still is) the youngest person to serve as a sitting college president. ...sion he came down with a severe case of mumps that ended that plan. After a period of recuperation in [[Florida]], Graham went on to co-found [[Youth f
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  • The term resurrection is used to mean the return to life of a dead person. [[Jesus]] was resurrected on the third day following his [[crucifixion]] a
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  • An '''Episcopal See''' is the office of the chief [[bishop]] of a [[particular church]]. ''See'' comes from the [[Latin]] word ''sedes'', me ...blem when they are in different places. Canon law eventually came up with a solution for this problem (see the article ''[[Holy See]]''.)
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Faytene Kryskow goes here".- Faytene Kryskow}} '''Faytene Kryskow''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Catego
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Lindsay Whitfield goes here".- Lindsay Whitfield} '''Lindsay Whitfield''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Catego
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  • A few months ago, Gebre, a Me'en evangelist, was on his way to the unreached southern area of Me'en te ...for the past three days and no one has passed here before you. Are you the person we are waiting for?"
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Byron M. Jones goes here".- Byron M. Jones}} ...Pure Flix Entertainment<ref></ref>.
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  • '''Tracey Tiersma''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in ministry Tracey Tiersma is the owner of [[]] a Christian spirit wear company dedicated to clothing believers with the Word
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  • ...ect and just. It also sometimes is used to refer to the righteousness of a person - either his inherent lack of sin or his potential right standing before Go ...η του θεου" in Greek) in Scripture is debated by scholars. It probably has a number of meanings including
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  • ...Church are a material and spoken action which confers divine grace upon a person. There are seven sacrments in Catholic Church doctrine.
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  • pluralism is the teaching that there are many ways to [[God]] or that a person of another religion can also be saved. Many nominal Christians today hold p ...again, taking the punishment intended for our sin, so that we we can have a meaningful relationship with God and be given the gift of eternal life with
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  • Wretched Radio is a Christian talk show which is broadcast through local FM, satellite, and in ...e with the person on the phone. This approach has received much praise and a bit of criticism by listeners.
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  • ...issues causing the [[Reformation]]. Protestant churches today teach that a person is saved by faith in Christ alone. ...performs by the grace of God and the merit of Jesus Christ (of whom one is a living member), the justified does not truly merit an increase of grace, an
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Abe Zacharias goes here".- Abe Zacharias}} '''Abe Zacharias''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Catego
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  • subtopics = Major songs - [[Healing Rain]], [[Missing person]] | ...e [[Healing Rain (song)|Healing Rain]] and [[Missing Person (song)|Missing Person]].
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  • * [[Living as a Christian]] Forgiveness is the choice to let go of resentment and find no fault against a person for wrong he has committed. This is [[God]]'s nature and he calls [[Christi
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  • {{quote | text="It's a great day to be alive!".- David M.R.D. Spencer}} '''David M.R.D. Spencer''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] who was involved in th
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  • ...ounced [[Nestorius]]' teaching as erroneous and decreed that Jesus was one person who was both fully God and fully man, and not two separate "people". Mary's
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  • ...mmitted a grave sin, he is still forgiven. But, in order to understand why a Christian who commits suicide is forgiven, we first need to understand what in trusting and accepting what Jesus did on the cross, you don't do a thing (John 1:12-3) in order to become saved. Since you did not get your sa
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  • {{quote | text="Christianity began in a STABLE. It has been STABLE ever since!".- Charles Pedley}} '''Charles Pedley''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...desire to bring exciting, thought-provoking entertainment to the world, in a spirit of excellence and integrity!!" - Susan G. Acheson, Managing Artistic '''Susan G. Acheson''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...he word "subsistence" means something that has a real existence. The word "person" denotes individuality and self awareness. The Trinity is three of these, ...otheistic by definition and those who claim it is polytheistic demonstrate a lack of understanding of what it really is.
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  • ...ists (Greek ana+baptizo "re-baptizers", German: Wiedertäufer) were and are a Christian denomination that sprung up out of the the Protestant [[Reformati ...elievers should be baptized because baptism is purely a symbolic event for a believer to publicly committ to Christ and define entry into the church.
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  • ...e]] that [[baptism]] is an outward sign of regeneration that occurs when a person puts his faith in [[Christ]], and as such baptism is only appropriate for b * [[Essence of Christianity]] -> [[Becoming a Christian]] -> [[Baptism]]
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  • * A great prophet * A Spirit from God (Surah 4.171)
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  • ...erical training as a pupil of Theodore of Mopsuestia in Antioch and gained a reputation for his sermons that led to his enthronement by Theodosius II as ...d, later, Pope Celestine, who anathematized Nestorius and condemned him as a heretic at the Council of Ephesus in 431.
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  • ...e of reality that a person who believes in Jesus enters into. This life is a life of fullness and completeness that continues despite physical death.
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  • [[Jesus]] was a truly amazing teacher. Even by many non-Christians he is recognized for thi ...of Jesus' most significant points was that it was only through him that a person could come to know God, and that this would be through the eventual sufferi
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  • ...lso reveals that God stands ready to come into any person's life when that person acknowledges him and repents of having not lived his way. : A God who cannot smile could not have created this humorous universe.
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  • Philip Yancey is a Christian author. Millions of his books have been sold worldwide. [[Category:Person]]
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Celeste Zugec goes here".- Celeste Zugec}} '''Celeste Zugec''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ''Adonis''. [[Jew]]s only used the singular to refer to a distinguished person. ...ngs to the text of the [[Old Testament|Hebrew Bible]] in the first century A.D., they gave the word YHWH the vowels of ''Adonai'', to remind the reader
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  • '''Marie Warder''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor ...World Health Association Meeting in Israel in 1993. She  recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the International BioIron Conference in Vanco
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  • had become too involved with the secular state. As the movement spread, a large group of adherents assembled in Plymouth by 1831 which is why Brethre ...e "independence" of local meetings resulted in the first division, causing a distinction to be made between the Open Brethren, and the Exclusive Brethre
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  • * ''Testimonies'' - [[Story of Gebre, a Me'en evangelist (November 2006)]] | ...that it is only by [[Christ]] that we can come to [[the Father]]. There is a mass of people who have not heard the good news of [[Jesus]]. Christians ar
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  • involves contextualization or application of the meaning of the text in a contemporary context. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when interpreting the Bible. U
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  • [[Romans 3:23]], for example, explains that each person has [[sin]]ned, failing to completely love God and each other and fallen sh ...ipture reveals that God loves us. Although nothing we do can restore us to a right relationship with God, God himself restores that relationship to thos
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  • God has revealed himself to us as a loving creator, who desires us to have an unbreakable personal relationship [[God]] the Father also refers to his role as the first person of the Godhead and father of his only Son, [[Jesus]]. This is part of the g
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  • ...stian theology that began with the teaching of [[John Calvin]]. Calvin was a [[Protestant]] [[Reformer]] in the 16th century who formed the Presbetyrian ...such as "Augustinianism", because Calvin basically followed [[Augustine]] (A.D. 354-430) in areas of predestination and the sovereignty of God.
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  • {{quote | text="I knew that the Lord wanted a full time station in Ottawa, not just two hours on Sunday morning.".- Bob D '''Bob Du Broy''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Catego
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