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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Kevin Rogers Cobus goes here".- Kevin Rogers Cobu '''Kevin Rogers Cobus''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • in contrast to most [[Protestant]] churches that teach that baptism is a symbolic event and therefore in itself it holds no saving power. {{returnto}} [[Christianity]] -> [[Essence of Christianity]] -> [[Becoming a Christian]] -> [[Baptism]]
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Graham Johnson goes here".- Graham Johnson}} '''Graham Johnson''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Bob Olynyk goes here".- Bob Olynyk}} '''Bob Olynyk''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Diane Exner goes here".- Diane Exner}} '''Diane Exner''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Categor
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  • ...ction. This body of information and creativity is considered to be part of a common cultural and intellectual heritage, which, in general, anyone may us
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Kimberley Payne goes here".- Kimberley Payne}} '''Kimberley Payne''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in public spe
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  • ...s) was a person that God called to be a deliver to the people of Israel in a time of need. The story of the judges is told in the [[Book of Judges]] in
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  • [[Image:Cross sunrise.jpg|thumb|center|The [[cross]] representing a [[God]] who has redeemed us is central to [[Christianity]].]] | * [[Becoming a Christian]], [[Grace]]
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  • ...marriage so that they become as one person. Today the issue of divorce is a difficult one for the church in terms of how to remain loving to Christians
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  • ...word difficult to define. It refers to the beliefs concerning an object or person considered to be [[supernatural]] or [[divine]], and the [[moral]] values a ...[[Islam]]. Many people believe that there are many divine beings or gods, a view called [[polytheism]]. [[Hinduism]] is the most well known polytheisti
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  • An apologist is a person who defends Christianity through argument and discussion. ...Jesus was a man only, and not God). Irenaeus's work against gnosticism is a very famous work in regards to [[Christian apologetics]] and commonly goes
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  • The Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) is the third person of the [[Trinity]], co-equal with [[God the Father]] and [[Jesus Christ]]. ...[[Trinity]] is one of the great mysteries of Christianity, and it is also a core teachings of orthodox [[Christianity]], setting Christianity apart fro
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  • ...acts of disobedience to God committed by a person) and [[original sin]] (a person being born sinful). Personal sins are further subdivided into either mortal ...mitting a mortal sin cuts off the sinner from God’s grace; it is in itself a rejection of God. If left un-reconciled, mortal sins result in eternal puni
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  • {{quote | text="My experience as a DJ at [[CFRU 93.3 FM]] was an exhilarating experience and I 'm glad I had t '''Doug Dix''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] who was involved in [[
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  • A [[:Category:Jamaican-born Christian|Jamaican-born Christian]] involved in c ...ley-Brown] is a team building facilitator and professional actress. She is a member of [ ACTRA]. Anne runs her own consulting firm ca
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  • ...tion | Book of Revelation]] was not sent to a single church, but rather to a group of churches, as was [[1 Peter]] and possibly [[2 Peter]].
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  • ...stian exclusivism is the teaching that it is only through [[Jesus]] that a person can be [[saved]]. Jesus himself stated in the [[New Testament]], "I am the : ''If a person in a remote area has never heard of [[Christ]], he will not be punished for that
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  • {{quote | text="A significant quote made by Sandra Bork goes here".- Sandra Bork}} '''Sandra Bork''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Catego
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  • discipline during which, traditionally, a person abstains from food for a period of time. In practice, the fast may vary in length of time, or in the ...sted, and in fact, seemed to assume that his disciples would be fasting on a regular basis. In [[Matthew 6]], Jesus began his teaching on both prayer an
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