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  • ...Christian]] involved in [[:Category:Acting|acting]] and [[:Category:Music|music]] ministry in [[Canada]]. ...Country Music Awards (CCMA) show. Her Song "New Love" received the Country Music News Fan Award for Single of the Year and in 1988 Kelita recorded "Neighbou
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  • ...g]], [[:Category:Dance|dance]], [[:Category:Film|film]], [[:Category:Music|music]], [[:Category:New Media|new media]], [[:Category:News|news]], [[:Category: This paragraph describes Cathy Goddard's arts, music or media ministry.
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  • ...g]], [[:Category:Dance|dance]], [[:Category:Film|film]], [[:Category:Music|music]], [[:Category:New Media|new media]], [[:Category:News|news]], [[:Category: ...or and Arts Fundraiser since [[:Category:1980]] and has worked with mostly Choral and Orchestral Arts Management organizations.
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