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  • ...ian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Category:Music|music]] and [[:Category:Radio|radio]] ministry in [[Canada]]. ...lude the Children's Miracle Network in Nashville (started by Marie Osmond) and on the National Primetime Broadcasting TV Network in Midland, Texas. In 199
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  • ...Christian]] involved in [[:Category:Acting|acting]] and [[:Category:Music|music]] ministry in [[Canada]]. Kelita Haverland is singer/songwriter,speaker and comedian in full time ministry.
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  • ...on]], [[:Category:Theatre|theatre]], [[:Category:Visual Arts|visual arts]] and [[:Category:Writing|writing]] ministry in [[Canada]]. This paragraph describes Cathy Goddard's arts, music or media ministry.
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  • ...] involved in [[:Category:News|news]], [[:Category:Publishing|publishing]] and [[:Category:Writing|writing]] ministry in [[Canada]]. ...f The Institute of Christian Newspapering. He taught journalism at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia. He is a member of the Canadian Par
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