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  • topic_name = Missing Person | * * [[Missing Person (lyrics)]]
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  • Guarded and cynical now, can't help but wondering how So I reel such a stoic ordeal where's that feeling that I don't feel?
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  • In [[Koine Greek]] there are numerous aspects to the verb that don't exist in English, and it takes a significant amount of time to become famil * Person
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  • {{quote | text="If you want boring, don't call Anne".}} * [ Profile]
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  • ...[New Testament]] to describe either people from Greece, or those who weren't Jews.
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  • ...was there was something about her unshakable faith that I wanted but didn't think I was ready to receive. ...nd accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. Since that day, I haven't looked back, my faith continues to grow daily and takes me places, I never
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  • ...stian exclusivism is the teaching that it is only through [[Jesus]] that a person can be [[saved]]. Jesus himself stated in the [[New Testament]], "I am the : ''If a person in a remote area has never heard of [[Christ]], he will not be punished for
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  • {{Template:Editing a page listing a person}} [[Category:Person]]
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  • ...ed today to describe a person who follows the letter of the law, but doesn't understand or live by the underlying spirit of the law.
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  • by faith in trusting and accepting what Jesus did on the cross, you don't do a thing (John 1:12-3) in order to become saved. Since you did not get yo ...then salvation is by works; or rather, the ceasing of bad works. That isn't how it works. God grants repentance to the Christian ([[2 Timothy 2:25]]).
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  • "I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, and in college it was the usual alcohol, guys ...d’s plan for the end of the world. It freaked me out to tears and I couldn't knock the impact of what was said. Upon returning to Canada for graduation,
    4 KB (622 words) - 10:48, 28 August 2009
  • ...As far back as the book of [[Genesis]] one may easily see integrity in the person of Joseph. There are many narrative sections of the [[Bible]] that show int ...he text tells us in Daniel 1.8 that Daniel made up his mind that he wouldn't defile himself by eating the kings food. He showed his integrity in this ch
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  • ...after the true God. He has no living relationship with the Lord and he can't do anything about it. ...Spirit uses the Word of God to create new life in the human heart. Once a person is born again, he instinctively cries out to God for now he is a child of t
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  • [[Can't get past the evidence]] [[Missing person]]
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  • ...he word "subsistence" means something that has a real existence. The word "person" denotes individuality and self awareness. The Trinity is three of these, * Each person is divine
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  • ...ation, but I was still empty. I got into so many bad situations that I can't take time to tell them. Many times I should have been dead, mainly because ...months later we were married. It was a marriage that everybody said wouldn't last - and they were right. Fighting started before we married and escalate
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  • ...s already achieving broadcasting goals, and her self prescribed goals didn't attain the desired affect. "I was lonely and miserable. I could go into a ...ask for help. "I prayed to Jesus and asked him to guide my life. I didn't want to guide my own any longer." Soon after, Beth returned to her hometow
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  • family, but my father didn't really believe in anything he couldn't touch (although I believe he turned to Jesus before he passed away). My mot ...time, interest in women seemed to displace my interest in God, but He wasn't done with me yet. I do not advocate missionary dating, but my faith develop
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