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"The Way" is a song by [[Graham Llewellyn Grove]], composed in 1998. An [http://grahamlgrove.googlepages.com/TheWay.mp3 MP3 recording of it can be downloaded here].
composed in 1998.  
==About The Way==
As a third year medical student, I visited [[Alice Springs]] for a two week rotation in Australian Aboriginal Health. Alice Springs is a desert town in the centre of Australia's Outback. In the nearby area there are many Aboriginal people, who live in bush stations and speak their own languages and keep many of their traditional customs, in a world very different from the first world cities and farming lands of Australia. Some of them gravitate to the town Alice Springs, where there is a huge problem with alcohol. One evening whilst I was in the local Emergency Department I saw a young baby brought in severely beaten by her drunken father. Later that night a woman came in with a knife in her back. The next evening I walked along the river bed of the dry Todd River, passing some drunk men sleeping. It is a sad reality in Alice Springs. For years the Australian government has been trying to fix the problems of Aboriginal Australia without success. This is a song I wrote after my short time is Alice Springs.

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composed in 1998.


A child lies dying, by her father's hand

A wife is crying, hit by her husband

What can I do, what can I say?

How can these four find peace, what is the way?

A land of beauty, yet of war

Is this all, or is the more?

A land so quiet who can hear?

The gentle whisper in his ear?

A man sleeps on the street, drink by his side

But this won't ease his pain, it just helps him hide

What can I do, what can I say?

How can this man find peace, who is the way?

A land of beauty, yet of shame

This land cries out for Jesus reign

For he brings peace despite out pain

When we call upon his name

A child of God looks up, God's son looks down

This child has found peace, within this town

What did he do, what did he say?

How did he find peace? He found the way

Jesus, what should I do, what should I say

I must proclaim you Lord - the only way

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