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Hi CB31989,

My name is Prab Tumpati and I am a sysop at wikichristian. I liked your idea of creating a modern Bible suited for the modern day and age created by people around the world of all cultures. I think, we can use one of the existing translations and improve on them and wiki interlinking. For example, all keywords like Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, David etc. could be linked to a Free Bible Dictionary God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, David.

If you like, we would like to have as one of our sysops. As a sysop, you edit, lock, unlock any page, ban users who vandalize etc. Welcome onboard and May God Bless You.

- Prab Tumpati, MD

Sysop and founder of WikiChristian.

Dr. Trumpati,

I humbly accept your offer to be a sysop for Wiki Christian. I welcome the challenge.

In addition to my Translation ideas, which I will need a lot of help with, I have a vision of publication of the Knowledge and Information contained in this website. Not for profit of course, all work will be under the GNU Free Documentation Licence, but for the further distribution of the Word of God and the Faith of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Also in the works are a Conversational English Version and a specific set of Bible Commentary/Reference/Scriptural Knowledge Sidebars for different social/ethic groups.

All of this is part of my vision for a relavant Gospel for every culture and social group.

In the fellowship of Jesus Christ

- Christopher Bryant, Hon. D.Div.