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My name is Gallifreyisgreater, I am 15 years old and I became a Christian a few years back. I was born into a Christian family and that help influence my decision to become although my parents did not want a baptism for me when I was very young because they felt that it should be my decision. My sister (who is four years younger than me) became a Christian before me when she was six years old and my brother (Skittles the hog) became a Christian after me. I have prayed the prayer to become a Chrstian many times and I am fairly weak in my beliefs and I thought joining this wiki might strengthen them. I am going to be confirmed soon and baptised at the same time. I also attended a fortnightly prayer meeting at my church on Thursdays. I currently go to Christ Church in Aughton, Lancashire which is a Church of England, although I just class myself as a Christian. My parents are not extreme Christians. Thanks for having me on board.--Gallifreyisgreater 12:32, 3 May 2008 (UTC)

A replica of the cross of Christ

My beliefs

  • I believe that, in the book of Genesis when it says God made the World in six days, a 'day' refers to a period of time and that he made the world over billions of years.
  • I believe that, at death our souls will go straight upto Heaven.
The Holy Bible

Articles I have created

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