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Revision as of 23:21, 18 May 2006

I had some spare time and the inclination today to do some editing. :) Is there any way you are able to remove the error from the .htm files that are being used as a source for those pages? The error with the mispelled Mathew exist in these files too, so in their current state they are going to be adding to the workload in terms of editing out the spelling error before pasting the content into the articles. This is more of a 'spurt' of activity for me, so there is no real rush for any of this to occur. --Mustaphile 18:23, 20 April 2006 (EDT)

Hi Mustaphile,

Yes, it is possible to search replace. I went ahead and changed it in all the pages along with some other changes that may help. However, there may still be a few things such as removing the space below Mathew Henry link etc. to make it appear the way we want may still have to be done manually. I will keep trying to see if we could do that in an easier way. I uploaded the new updated files.


I've noticed something strange

The Talk:Main Page was moved by Willy on Wheels and then moved back and then it shows me as moving Talk:Main Page to Bitch. I never visited the page on the 11th of May, nor did I move the Talk:Main Page, so I'm curious how the edit history comes to show me as making the move. It's a mystery. I thought perhaps someone might have cracked my account, but my password is definitely not a weak password. It's most disconcerting.

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Ah I see now. I think it is someone who has signed up with my name but is using a capital 'I' for Idiot, instead of an lower case 'l' for larry. I noticed this as I was editing this message. :) --Mustaphile 02:17, 12 May 2006 (PDT)


Thanks for sorting out the Birmingham page i was really tired so i went to bed before finishing it... I live in Birmingham so if you think of anything that you cannot find out easily that i could ask the archbishop myself or somehting else jsut say :-)

God bless Anton.

Happy to Help

I am happy to help in this worthy project. I would sure think of you when I am in Birmingham and you are welcome to visit us when in Philadelphia. God Bless.

--Prab 15:39, 15 May 2006 (PDT)