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WikiChristian needs your help

WikiChristian is the process of trying to revive. After a few years of shut-down and neglect because of an amazing amount of vandalism and spam, we've decided to try and get it up and active again. In order to ensure that WikiChristian gets all of the spam cleaned up and kept away forever and to ensure that its mediawikia software remains fully uptodate, it would be wonderful to have some people with IT skills to help. Its founder and one of its chief editors Prab needs the help of experienced IT professional familiar with mediawiki and large databases. If you would like to offer Prab help with this please email Prab at ptumpati at gmail dot com (remove spaces) with a phone number and contact information.

WikiChristian is currently undergoing a major re-organization and clean-up to make it more useful and well organized. Some of the key areas that are being addressed are:

  • Ensuring that it is easy to find information through following hyperlinks, using categories and using the search button
  • Ensuring the pages are well written and easy to read but full of useful information
  • Ensuring all the pages have a similar lay-out
  • Add youtube videos when relevant

It is important to understand the basic principles of the organizational layout of WikiChristian - this can be found at WikiChristian:Page Layout.

Removing Dead End Pages

Spam content in WikiChristian is often not linked to from any other page. Thus to find spam, follow this link to get a list of 500 dead end pages in wikichristian

list of 500 dead end pages

We appreciate if these dead end pages that are considered spam can be removed from WikiChristian.

Deletion of bot created users

There have been tens of thousands of spam users created. Prab has deleted most of these. We need to continue deleting these.

Greek Words

A Koine Greek dictionary can be found at Greek:Dictionary. Many of the entries do not meet the standard page layout for Information Articles described in WikiChristian:Page Layout. An example of a page that does meet this standard is Greek:Δοκιμαζω. Please help in updating the layout of all pages that do not meet WikiChristian's standard. This can be performed even if you do not read Greek.

Additionally, if you do know Greek you could perhaps help by adding content, in particular by adding tables of inflections. See Greek:Αγαθος for an article that does have a table of its infections. Additionally, it would be helpful to create redirects for all those inflections, for example Greek:Αγαπης should redirect to Greek:Αγαπη.

Updating Old Information Pages

There are a number of older pages that follow an older, uglier formatting used in WikiChristian not in line with the standard Information Articles described in WikiChristian:Page Layout. These pages often have a short Synopsis at the beginning of them. A list of these pages can be found by searching for synopsis. Many of these are in the Greek namespace section. The vast majority of these pages have been cleaned up by Matt but a few hundred still remain.

Miscellaneous Texts

There are a number of ancient and modern public domain texts that have been uploaded onto WikiChristian. If you come across a text that is not in the Text name-space then please move it to the following page Text:Name of Text. A number of texts need to be wikified or split up because they are too large. Lists of these texts can be found at Category:Split and Category:Cleanup and information about exactly what needs to be done can be found at the relevant text's talk page.

Restoring Pages Attacked by Vandals

WikiChristian was hit by vandalism and spam in an extreme way a number of years ago. Some pages may still contain obscenities and these should be cleaned up wherever found.

Ambiguity about "Discussion" pages

WikiChristian has aimed to allow discussions and opinions be voiced. There are some pages that are a named Page Name (discussion). These pages should be moved to the appropriate names, either Sermon:Page Name, Essay:Page Name or Opinion:Page Name,

Apologetics section

There are several systematic inconsistencies in the Apologetics section.

  • The standard template is not used.
  • References to Bible verse link to the exteranl site BibleGateway. It would be far better for them to link to WikiChristian's own Bible verse pages.
  • Many of the pages names use a fullstop between chapter and verse, e.g. Apologetics: Deuteronomy 23.3. Can that be changed to a semicolon for consistency with or main Bible verse pages?

Is there any way to automatically add a link from the Bible verse pages to those apologetics pages? For instance, in Bible:Exodus_20:5, could the Related Topics list include a link to Apologetics:_Exodus_20:5? Alternatively, is it worth the time for someone to do that manually?

Can anyone write bots to do any of the above?

Books of the Bible

Several Books do not have pages AFAIK: Book of Ezekiel, Book of Obadiah, Book of Joel are all missing.

Should also add an EBD link on each individual book of the Bible page. Matt 10:13, 30 August 2009 (PDT)

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