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Welcome to the WikiChristian Community Portal

The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on WikiChristian. Learn what tasks need to be done, what groups can be joined, and get or post news about recent events or current activities. Here you will find a number suggestions and assistance to help get you started and involved with WikiChristian in a meaningful way.


The Village pump is WikiChristian's main discussion forum.

Looking for something to do?

General suggestions and ideas

Write new or edit existing articles for WikiChristian. Links shown in red are to pages that still need to be written. Links shown in blue are to pages which contain content, but many of these pages need more information added. See our Page Layout and Writing Guide for details about the writing style and structure encouraged by WikiChristian.

Long-term projects

Writing Commentaries

Please help with our long-term project of writing commentaries for each book of the Bible, each chapter of each book, and each verse of each chapter. See WikiChristian:Bible for more details about this.

Standardizing Pages

As WikiChristian has evolved, the way pages are organized has changed. Please help to standardize the page layout to the current accepted standard. See Wikichristian:Page Layout and WikiChristian:Clean-up for more details about this.

Recent Projects

Administration and Maintenance

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