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A To-do list is a list of pending tasks that are needed to improve the quality of the page. They are generally kept in the talk page, of the article they relate to. To create a todo list, edit the discussion page to include this tag {{todo}}, at the top of the discussion page, then save the page.

You can edit the To-do list and add more pending tasks. It is a useful practice to use the strikethrough format to mark the tasks as completed.


This task is completed.

This is done by placing the tags <s>This task is completed.</s> around the text in question.

If you are intereseted in looking for pending tasks that need completion, you can find a list of articles with To-do lists at Category:To do

Priority pages

Pages that especially need addition of content can be found at Wikichristian:Priority Pages.

General things to do

Below is a list of general changes to make

  • Under King James Version
    • Move each individual book from "Bible, English, King James, Genesis" to "Genesis (KJV)" to be in line with the general naming system, for example Genesis (WEB)
    • For each of the above books, get rid of the incorrect links, such as "En:Genesis" and so on
  • Under American Standard Version
    • Move each individual book from "Bible, English, American Standard Version, Leviticus" to "Leviticus (ASV)" to be in line with the general naming system, for example Genesis (WEB)
  • For each movie, television show, song / hymn and band etc
    • Change the format to the Contents Tree Structure
  • For the Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible
    • Convert to the standard contents page format
    • Rename the actual text in line with the format as per Text:Matthew Henry Commentary Genesis
    • Wikify the text, including internally linking the Bible verses rather than externally linking them to Bible Gateway
  • Finish uploading the full word English Bible, with a page for every verse, every chapter and every book
  • Upload pictures to all of the major pages

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