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This is article is an attempt to start defining the mission of WikiChristian, including its definition, goals, limitations, methods, and beliefs. Please contribute.

WikiChristian's Mission

To educate the world factually and emotionally about Christianity by being the largest, qualitative source of Christian, religous material on the Web. Factual education means empirical knowledge of Christianity: its beliefs, history, and the effects of these beliefs on interpreting lives. Emotional education means an an intuitive understanding and appreciation through other people, literature, song, and visible media. Source means encyclopedic information, published writings, biblical exegesis, and external links to the Web.


Main article: WikiChristian:Beliefs

WikiChristian holds the beliefs common to all Christians.


Contributers do not need to agree to any statement of faith but need to understand and stay with WikiChristian's mission. Deletion of any work because of disagreement is forbidden. All work in possible disagreement must cite who believes it.

Inclusion of Beliefs

All beliefs may be expanded as largely as contributers are motivated. However, ideas with a smaller following will be noted as such.

Overlap of Information

Other open content sources will over lap in information and, legally, may be freely copied here. However, this should be done for only the following reasons:

  • Creation of WikiChristian policy, information, tutorials, etc.
  • Widely read content which would otherwise be written from scratch

Other information should be connected with external links.

What WikiChristian Is Not

Member of a Denomination

Main article: WikiChristian:Beliefs

WikiChristian does not follow an extensive belief system. It objectively provides information pertanent to Christians. It does not make a claim to the truth of possible beliefs within Christianity. It will discuss all differing beliefs of Christianity.

A Redefinition of the World

WikiChristian articles should not take a secular subject and attach Christian interpretation. For example, an article on the wives of Henry VIII and how he was not a Christian. Resources are already available on the life of Henry VIII. A suitable strategy would be an article on the definition of a Christian or a historical article on the formation of the Anglican Church.