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3-2-1 Penguins! is a show made by Big Idea Productions. It stars four penguins and two human children. It is a spinoff of VeggieTales.


  • Episode 1: Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn!

Jason and Michelle have to stay with their grandma. When going upstairs, Michelle finds penguin figurines. When Jason literally nearly kills her, they find a telescope in the attic. Michelle takes the first turn, forcing Jason to wait forever! Jason finds a small spaceship, puts the Penguins in it, trips, and expects the ship to break. It doesn't and the Penguins come alive! They take him to planet Wait-Your-Turn. There, no one is giving anyone a turn to look through their telescope! Jason teaches them that waiting your turn is important. But will it be enough? Will he teach them in time?

  • Episode 2: The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka!

Michelle and Jason are playing a board game. When Jason isn't looking, Michelle cheats to win and become champ. She then discovers the Penguins are alive! They take her to Bullamanka to defend the champ there. She plays in his place against a reptile. It's the same game she played on earth! The reptile cheats to win and Michelle teaches him about cheating. But will it be in time?

  • Episode 3: The Amazing Carnival of Complaining!

Jason is bored! He’s been at Grandmum’s for what seems like an eternity! When the Penguins mistakenly pull him into their ship, Jason is disappointedand says that he’s bored and has nothing to do! The Penguins then confirm that they have the day off. After a long discussion, it’s off to the carnival! But when they get there, the owner acts very suspiciously. Is this a scam? Is this a regular carnival? And, what’s the funny thing he’s putting on Zidgel and Midgel’s heads?

  • Episode 4: Runaway Pride on Lightstation Kilowatt!

Michelle doesn’t think that she needs her glasses to paint with. After her painting turns out terrible, the Penguins suck her in so that she can help them with her knowledge of colors. The lighthouse at Lighststation Kilowatt is broken and the ships think that it’s safe passage through the asteroid belt! Zidgel and Kevin have to go down with some special equipment and fix the lighthouse. But when Zidgel breaks the equipment, he has to figure out a way to stop a huge ship from becoming one giant fireworks show! Will he ask Kevin for help in time? Will their new light bulb friends give them a good idea? Will Kevin botch this one up like he always does? Find out by buying the video!

  • Episode 5: The Doom Funnel Rescue!

When Jason gets a letter from his friend Trevor, he misses him and wants to be a Space Camp like he had all along! But he has no time to get home sick! The Penguins rapidly suck him into their ship to help a small colony from being sucked into the largest doom funnel in history! With the help of their new friend B.I.N.G., the have to save one of the colonists who didn’t evacuate! Will they stop the doom funnel in time? Can B.I.N.G. take ordinary duct tape and defeat the funnel? And why did he come free with Kevin’s prune trifle burrito?

  • Episode 6: Moon Menace on Planet Tell-A-Lie!

After Grandmum tells Jason and Michelle about their Granddad’s famous dart championship win, Jason decides to take a shot while Grandmum cooks dinner. When he breaks the dart board, he lies to Grandmum and forces Michelle to lie, also. When the Penguins pull Jason in, he must help save a planet from being crushed by a moon! When they find out why the moon is falling, they have to try to stop it! Can they save the planet from being crushed? Will Jason tell the truth to Grandmum? And will Zidgel shut up and tell the truth!?! Find out in the must–own series finale (last episode) of 3–2–1 Penguins!


At the end of each episode, the Penguins recap what they’ve learned by singing a song at the magnificent Comet Lounge!

  • Episode 2: Fair and Square from the Cheating Scales of Bullamankia
  • Episode 3: The Shinin’ Star Swing from the Amazain Carnival of Complaning!
  • Episode 4: Space Surfin’ Superstar from Runaway at Lightstation Killowatt
  • Episode 5: Spaceship Drivin’ Man from the Doom Funniel Rescue
  • Episode 6: The Legend of Galaxy Gus from Moon Menace on Planet-Tell-A-Lie!

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