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Adelaide is the capital city of the Australian state of South Australia. It was settled by in 1836 by free British settlers and has grown to a city of over 1 million people. Its nickname is The City of Churches, although many churches have in recent years become wedding shops, pharm acists and florists as church numbers have dwindled with the secularisation of Australia. There are still thousands of committed Christians however attending local churches, especially Anglican, Uniting, Baptist or Roman Catholic churches. There is a local Christian radio station, Life FM and there have been numerous recent Christian advertising campaigns including the writing on the bus Jesus wept advertisements and the Jesus All About Life campaign.

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Adelaide is a multicultural city. The majority are Caucasians from British descent, but there are also many people who have families from other backgrounds, including Italian, Greek and Vietnamese.

The majority of Adelaideans call themselves Christians, although many of these are nominal Christians. Of church-goers, numerically, the larger denominations are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran and Assemblies of God. There are also many Greek Orthodox Christians.



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