Heritage Baptist Church (Johnson City, Tennessee)

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Heritage Baptist Church

Heritage Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist church in Johnson City, TN.



9:30 am Traditional Service

10:45 am Contemporary Service

6:30 pm KidStuf


6:15 pm Wednesday night youth service

For a schedule of community groups click here

Church Staff

Senior Pastor: Reggie Weems

Associate Pastor: Jim Richmond

Pastoral Care Pastor: Kenn Hecht

Children's Pastor: Barry Young

Music Pastor: Marcos Gatz

Student Pastor: Robert Kell

Interim Financial Secretary: Cindy Rodgers

Secretary: Debbie Hamm

Children's Ministry Assistant: Nikki Bowei

Outreach Programs


The church teaches that the Church must engage the world in order to be able to make a difference in it. As such it offers outreach activities that connect to the community at several different levels. Some of these activities are designed to shock large amounts of people with kindness believing that people are not used to churches thinking about their needs and offering them assistance. These activities include returning shopping carts and leaving extra tips for service with an encouraging note from the church. Other activities are designed to give an opportunity to begin to get to know people and have a chance to begin discussing church and other spiritual issues. These activities include the "gas buy down events" where the church lowers the price of their gas by 20 cents a gallon and pumps it for them. This gives members of the church an opportunity to have a 5 minute conversation about why they would be out ministering to the public. Other projects are designed to build long-term relationships, which can result in salvation decisions.


Quote from a church member

Heritage is serious about making a splash in our world!


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