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I am a major supporter of English Wikipedia and now I decided to join Orthodox Wiki and Wiki Christian. I enjoy being part of the community and therefore remain an active member by creating articles, editing articles and even fighitng vandalism.


Well...I come from a Greek Orthodox family and was baptised in the Orthodox Church. I have attended a Baptist School all my life with heavy emphasis on doctrine and the weekly chapel service. Now I go to a liberal styled Anglican church where I attend youth group and occasionally bible study. I enjoy studying the bible and conducting peer bible studies and messages at my schools student run Christian group.

Now as being involved in the strict Orthodox Church, liberal but influential bible based Baptist Church, and a protestant styled Anglican I have a quite knowledgable view of different denominations.

I am currently a major contributor to the Christian youth Forum Eagles Wings and run the internet Christain resource site E-vangelism.


Pretty much anything.

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