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Christianity is the world's most widely practiced religion, with around 2 billion adherents (followed by Islam with 1.3 billion, Hinduism with 841 million, and the non-religious with 774 million).

Christianity has many branches, including 1.1 billion Roman Catholics, 450 million Protestants in a number of traditions, 200 million Orthodox and 400 million independent denominations (unaffiliated with the major streams of Christianity). But despite this diversity, Christians are united in Christ.

Today, the Christian church faces many issues. There is still a great number of people who have not heard the good news of Jesus. Christians around the world are involved in missionary work to bring men and women to Christ as commanded by Jesus in the Great Commission. At the same time, billions of people live in terrible poverty without clean water or the opportunity for good health. If we are to truly follow in the footsteps of Jesus, then these are issues that should be close to our heart too. In the West, issues to do with the role of women in the church and marriage and sexuality have come to forefront in recent years, and have the potential to split congregations.

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