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Light in Darkness - Nemesis Divina

Light in Darkness – Nemesis Divina is a documentary about the Christian Black Metal concept in Scandinavia. The documentary was released in early summer of 2008, and it includes Frosthardr, Crimson Moonlight, Admonish, Horde and Pantokrator.

The working crew includes producer Stefan Rydehed, who previously finished work on a documentary on the black metal band Mayhem, and David Nilsson, who will focus particularly on the Scandinavian Christian scene and the aforementioned groups.


A trailer of the documentary was released on YouTube in March 13, 2008[1]. The trailer includes material of the interview with vocalist Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén of Crimson Moonlight saying "We felt that God had a purpose with the band," some live footage the band and the trailer's soundtrack features an instrumental song "In Depths of Dreams Unconscious" by the Neoclassical band Arcana, released as an intro on Crimson Moonlight's In Depths of Dreams Unconscious.

Premiere and release

The documentary had its world premiere on May 29, 2008 in Halmstad, Sweden. According to press release published by Blabbermouth.net, Light in Darkness - Nemesis Divina will be shown at film and music festivals around the world. The working crew have signed a deal with with Endtime Productions to release the documentary on DVD.

The producer Stefan Rydehed said about the project: "The topic is very interested because the genre has a major contradiction because it has evolved from the Satanic black metal and there have been death threats, church arsons, murders and so on but never have there been a documentary about the Christian bands and their point of view of the music genre. After completing the documentary, Rydehed said in the press release: "It has been a educational process because I have really broadened my perspective of the different forms black metal can be shaped in. The filmer David Nilsson added: "It feels good to have done something with this earlier undocumented genre and I am now looking forward to new projects.




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