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Northmead Anglican Church
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The Northmead Anglican Church is an Anglican Church in NSW, Australia. It consists of four congregations which meet each weekend. Three of the four meet at Northmead Anglican Church and the fourth congregation meets at Model Farms High School.

All congregations cater for every age group. There is a creche for babies, youth programs for teenagers and children's church for kids. The 4 services are at the following times:

  1. 5pm Saturday at NAC
  2. 9:30am Sunday at NAC
  3. 6pm Sunday at NAC
  4. 6pm Sunday at MFAC

Youth Groups

Young Adults, Ages 18- 24

  • 7-9pm Wednesday

Snr High, year 10-12

  • 4-5:30pm Sunday

Club Reg, years 7-9

  • 6:30-8:30 Friday

'Kids Kids groups and childrens church is also a weekly event.


  • Senior Minister: Neil Macken
  • Executive Pastor: George May
  • Pastor: Neil Durrant
  • Youth Pastor: Ed Springer

Each congregation is cared for by its own pastor and elders. NAC is located; Thomas Street, Northmead, 2152. MFAC is located; Gooden Drive, Baulkham Hills, 2153.



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