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Proclaim! (also referred to as Proclaim! TV Ministry) is a Catholic news broadcast aired on WWCP-TV in the Johnstown-Altoona Television Market since 2001. It is one of only a few locally-produced religious-based broadcasts in the United States. The show airs Sundays at 5:30 AM & 10:30 AM (followed by a live mass from St. John Gaulbert Cathedral in Johnstown). The show discusses news from in and around the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown as well as national and international religious-based stories from FOX News National. The news show is hosted by Father Chuck Bridges, pastor of St. John Gaulbert Cathedral in Johnstown, and a former local broadcaster. Other segments are hosted by Bishop Joseph V. Adamec and Crispin Havener.

Proclaim! Segments

Teen Talk

On November 11th, 2007 Teen Talk returned full time as the Teen Talk Round Table With Crispin Havener. The segment revolves around weekly guests (either from the Proclaim! Crew, or home viewers who write in to join the segment) who join Crispin to discuss teen related topics and current events. Many topics are supplied by home viewers.

Teen Talk was originally hosted by Aaron Lemmon and Mindy Hartfiel. The segment revolved around a wide variety of issues that matter to teens and how they related to the Catholic Church. Mindy left the show soon after and Aaron hosted solo until he left in 2004. Mike Amenti took over soon afterwords. Proclaim! and Teen Talk was granted an interview with Aaron Carter at the Palace Theater in 2005, but this was the last episode of the original Teen Talk.

Teen Talk returned part-time in August 2007 when Proclaim! was granted an interview with The Jonas Brothers, moderated by Crispin Havener. Aaron Lemmon returned for a six-week mini-series the following month with Nick Gregorchik. Following the success of the interview and the mini-series, Teen Talk returned full-time.

Can We Talk

Bishop Joseph Adamec is joined by a wide variety of guests to discuss matters including theology, faith, ministry and service. Guests are often church and school leaders, as well as heads of charities. Bishop Adamec also serves as a panelist once a month. Crispin Havener (formerly Aaron Lemmon and Mike Amenti) acts as host when Bishop Adamec takes the panelist seat to discuss church issues and upcoming events.

Live Diocese Mass

WWCP-TV airs the live Johnstown-Altoona Diocese Mass (also known as "The Catholc Mass from St. John Gaulbert Cathedral") at 11:00 each Sunday. The mass is produced every week live by an all-volunteer television crew that makes up the Proclaim! TV Ministry. The mass is celebrated by priests from local churches and occasionally Bishop Adamec, as well as by the priests of St. John Gaulbert, Msgr. George Flynn, and Fr. Chuck Bridges. The mass is one of the few locally-produced masses to air live every Sunday in the United States.



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