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A new $250,000 marketing campaign is trying to promote Jesus to Australians. The "Jesus: All About Life" campaign has raised money from various churches and ministries and will run TV, radio and newspaper ads, as well as billboards, starting in the city of Adelaide.

The goal of the campaign is to promote the promise of Jesus offering abundant life (John 10:10). Though the news article doesn't report it, a big part of the campaign seems to be outreach events aimed at showing the abundant life Jesus offers (and how it's not just stale church services).

We've talked about the idea of using one campaign to promote the wider Church before. It's cool to see it happening, though it will be interesting to see how effective it is. The Advertiser article quoted a marketing expert who chided the 'one size fits all' approach and instead suggested identifying specific groups and developing a targeted campaign. The TV commercials at least try to target different age groups (singles, families, seniors), but the message is the same.

I love this. The TV spots are great! Sure there would have been a few things I would have done differently, but what a brilliant campaign. Why can't churches here in the U.S. partner like that?!

They did a lot of research prior to commencing this programme, with an in-depth survey of many non-Christian Australians to find out what they think about the church, Christianity, and God (I purchased a copy of this study - fascinating stuff). So they actually took the time to understand their target market ... how innovative is that?! ;)

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