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Hi and welcome in my personnal page!

I visited WikiChristian for the first time in January 2006 and I'm officialy a member since 2007, February 13th.

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Wikipedia in french

I speak in french and I understand well english (but I'm not perfect!). See my french page in the category "In other languages" for French Wikipedia. So, keep in mind that I can make some mistake while writing here.


I'm Jimmy Tousignant born on 1985, June 21st, in Québec (Canada).

I am a christian-spiritual (born Catholic but I'm not in a religion), pacifist, socialist and homosexual. YES! All of this together is possible!

I write a lot, poetry (more than 300 since 1997, under the nickname "Sunberdeen" since 1998, and I published some in papernews at schools or in the region), and I would like also to publish novels, essays on the society & spirituality, and a book on my own negative experiences that I had in my secondary schools years, about my homosexuality, the other students who harrased me for years, and the effect of that in long term.

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