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''Concluded remarks from the article [[Church History (By G.G.)]]''
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Sometimes when I look at the sheer number of denominations I feel sad. Can there be so much disagreement among Christians? If there was a unified organization could we spread the Gospel so much more? Do these divisions turn people away from Christ's love? If only all the denominations could fuse together for a single Church?
But then I remember, there is only a single Church! The Church is the body of believers redeemed by Christ. Do these partitions only cause division, or can they allow each Christian to examine his own beliefs and find a place to worship as truthfully as he can? Perhaps they lead to both. At their worst they allow people to form unnecessary allegiances that divide relationships and dull the mind. Sometimes a person is loyal to a denomination at the expense of considering the issues for himself. And sometimes too much focus on an issue distracts from the Gospel. However, at their best, denominations promote a greater understanding of our faith and allow us to explore what we believe and why - they encourage the pursuit of truth.
So it is true that the Christian churches have many divisions, but we are certainly all united in the one Church.
By [[Graham Llewellyn Grove]]

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