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[[Tom Major]]. 20 year old, follower of [[Jesus Christ]]. I have a passion for learning God's Word and growing in a deeper relationship with my saviour. I also have a passion for reaching out to the world through the use of wiki software. I am a server-administrator and webmaster or co-webmaster of the following wiki sites.
Tom Major. I'm largely inactive here.
*http://www.wikible.org (server/wiki admin)
*http://www.theopedia.com (server/wiki admin, co-webmaster with [[Aaron Shafovaloff]])
*http://mormonwiki.org (server-admin, mostly Aaron works on the content)
*http://creationwiki.org (server/wiki admin)
*http://wikichristian.org (server/wiki admin)
I'm currently attending Bible college at ''[[Emmaus Bible College]]'' in Dubuque, Iowa. When at home in Baltimore Maryland, I attend ''[[Forge Road Bible Chapel]]''. Their website is... http://www.forgeroadbiblechapel.org.

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Tom Major. I'm largely inactive here.