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Wow definitely a biased website...that's a bold inference that you folks have "the truth" about the nature of Jesus. TheTruth 13:01, 7 Jan 2006 (EST)

Yeah, I agree this is a biased website, but is that necessarily a bad thing? This website has been created by Christians and mainly for Christians and so is going to have a slant in a particular direction. Every contributor has some sort of background bias. This website is intented to have both information articles and opinion articles. You're quite welcome to leave your opinion by writing an article (on what the Jehovah's Witness teaching about the deity of Christ is or on any other topic), just create a link to it under the Articles and opinions section - we're currently updating the layout, and I've just updated the page Jehovah's Witnesses and Jesus). In addition to the "opinion" style articles, there are also meant to be encyclopedia or information articles. By all means, these should be from a neutral point of view, and so if they are not, then they need to be changed. (We're also slowly getting rid of locked paged - they were all locked at one stage because of an enormous amount of vandalism; unfortunately the one you've come accross just happened to still be locked by accident). Good luck. --Muser 13:56, 7 Jan 2006 (EST)