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I believe abortion is a horrible scar on Mankind's history of mistakes. I can't see how anyone can think it okay to murder innocent babies before they even have a chance to live. Even if the mother is in danger, she should be willing to die for her child. I believe that the object of a childbirthing procedure should be to save the baby at all costs, even if it means the death of the mother.

Financial aspect

The government (at least the American government) continues to get further into debt, yet they continue to support abortion. Why? Don't they realize that every baby they kill is one less tax payer and one less contributor to the American economy. I by no means am trying to put an economic value on human life, but am just stating a simple effect of abortion on an economy. It costs money to support abortion clinics, money that could be saved or spent on more important, and moral, obligations (transportation, education, technology, healthcare, etc.). The governemnt seems to be stabbing itself and its country in the back by allowing abortions.

About me

I'm Master Frederique. I'm an American Baptist teenager who is a lover of Jesus. I'm going to start my third semester of Faith Bible Institute this Fall and am very excited. I attend Sand Springs Baptist Church. My dad is the youth pastor. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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