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I believe homosexuality is a sin condemned by the Bible. I must disagree with Justin Matas' opinion on the subject. I believe that God does directly take a part in creating each of us at conception. To say He doesn't is the same as saying He doesn't interact with any of His creation. It is as if your saying He has nothing to do with any of creation besides having created it. That's totally against Christian doctrine. This in turn means that God does not make gay people at birth, thus changing my entire point of view. I believe that not only the act of gay sex, but also the act of having affection towards one's own gender is a sin. This by no means that gays can't be Christian, just that they have a sin they need to repent of (as we all do). I hate homosexuality, but I don't hate homosexuals. The only things we are to hate are things from the devil himself. I believe gays should be allowed in the Church, but they should not be in any position of office as I believe they are not spiritually fit to hold the office. Few people are, gay or straight. I disagree with allowing gays to marry. First off, it's not Biblical marriage, and second off, it gives them the legal encouragement to have sex. Thus I am against same sex marriage.

About me

I'm Master Frederique. I'm an American Baptist teenager who is a lover of Jesus. I'm going to start my third semester of Faith Bible Institute this Fall and am very excited. I attend Sand Springs Baptist Church. My dad is the youth pastor. Thanks for reading and God bless.

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