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All Saints Anglican Church is an Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney, Australia. The church is located at 325 Stanmore Road, Petersham in the State of New South Wales.


The first church service was held in Petersham on 15 April 1860 in a tiny school room. Shortly thereafter, the congregation resolved to build a school and hall. The old school room no longer exists.

Church building

In 1870, the parish decided to build a proper church. The site for the church was bequeathed to the Church by the late Mrs. Priddle, sister of Dr. Wardell, an early settler in Petersham. Building commenced and the foundation stone of the present building was laid on 17 December of that year.

Nearly a year elapsed before the eastern end of the building was finished. The opening service was held on All Saints' Day, Wednesday 1 November 1871. The cost of the church was 1927 pounds.

The western end of the building was commenced in 1879 and completed in 1880. The re-opening service was held on 11 September 1880.

The church Vestry was built in 1886. In the same year, a pipe organ built by A. Hunter & Sons of Clapham, England was installed at a cost of 750 pounds. The organ was converted from a water motor to an electric motor in 1911.

On 24 October 1968, the National Trust of Australia (NSW) included the church building in the Trust's register of Historic Buildings.

A memorial stone was laid by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Roden Cutler on 1 November 1970 to commemorate 100 years of service to Petersham.

Prominent members of Ministry

The current senior minister is Rev. Antony Barraclough.

Notable parishioners


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