Beautiful Blood (song)

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Beautiful Blood
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Beautiful Blood is a well known hymn.


Breaking the coals makes the fire burn bright

It doesn't seem right; doesn't seem right

Plowing the row makes it outshine the field

It doesn't seem real; doesn't seem real

But of all the things that don't make sense to me

There is yet a greater mystery

The river of peace that flowed on the wood

The beautiful blood, the beautiful blood

Meek is the lion and brave is the lamb

I don't understand; don't understand

The death of the One to bring life to the rest

Who could have guessed? Who could have guessed?

But everything's clear next to the mystery

Of almighty God nailed to a tree

To carry a debt that I never could

The beautiful blood the beautiful blood

Yes everythings clear next to the mystery

Of almighty God nailed to a tree

Taking His place where I should have stood

The beautiful blood; the beautiful blood

The beautiful blood; the beautiful blood

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