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Beth Warden
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Beth Warden is a Canadian Christian involved in radio and television ministry in Canada.

Beth is President of Awesome Affordable Voiceovers. She has been involved in radio broadcasting since 1982. Beth has ministered in Christian radio since 1987. Awesome Affordable Voiceovers provides voiceovers for commercials, imaging and voicetracking to Christian radio stations.

Beth Warden is moderator of "ChristianRadioCanada News" and "CanadianChristiansinMedia".

Media Service

Beth Warden is on the air 6-10 pm weeknights on all Shine FM (Touch Canada) stations in Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie, as host of the music and call in program, "Today's Family with Beth Warden>" The program also airs on CJCA radio Saturday nights from 6p-12a. She is also heard on many Christian Radio stations around the world via contract and talent pool participation.


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Christian Testimony

Beth Warden became a Christian in 1972.

Although she accepted Christ as a child, she choose a rebelious attitute during teen years. Beth reflects, "As a teenager I searched for something to fill that void in my heart. I thought a lot of parties and a great career in secular radio would bring me happiness." Nearing her 20's, Beth was already achieving broadcasting goals, and her self prescribed goals didn't attain the desired affect. "I was lonely and miserable. I could go into any bar, or other places around the city and was treated like a local celebrity, but inside, my heart was aching with emptiness."

It was during that pivotal moment that Beth realized her dreams and goals were nothing without Christ. She realized that she could return to her faith, and ask for help. "I prayed to Jesus and asked him to guide my life. I didn't want to guide my own any longer." Soon after, Beth returned to her hometown, and began her love of radio in a whole new way, taking a new career path in Christian radio.

Since then life has been richer and joyful. Her choice to follow Christ to her best ability is now her life's goal. "I'm just a flawed human doing my best to follow Christ. We're all on the same path of trying to rely on Christ in our lives. If I can encourage someone by something I say or a song I play on the radio, I'm thrilled!"

Media Career Tips

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Worth Quoting from Beth Warden

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Accolades For Beth Warden

  • ""Wow! Thanks so much for the great recordings and the super fast turn around time. What a difference a professional voice makes!"
    Lisa Ratchford,
  • "Dear Beth, I wanted to express to you the overall impression of the work you do for Shark Bytes. EXCELLENT! The spot's you do for us is exactly what we are looking for. Your turn-around-time, quality of voice, are all top notch. Keep up the good work."
    Mark Summers, Shark Bytes Studios
  • "Beth Warden is always easy to work with. Quick turn around, good quality audio, and great voice-over delivery. I haven't had to ask her to redo a single job yet. Her first take is always the one use."
    Lowell Christensen,
  • "Beth Warden's voice-over artistry will caress your message with an audible, generous warmth...intimate, ladylike, and conversational, the voice of Beth Warden welcomes your audience with a graceful and contagious smile, clearly communicating objectives while enveloping your listeners."
    Stephanie Ciccarelli,
  • "I guess the best way to explain Beth Warden's voice is Strawberry Cream...At least that's what comes to my mind. Its very smooth and sweet. Its great having her sound on my stations. She is very professional and versatile. I can use her for any type of VO that comes to mind. Even listeners tell me they love her work!"
    Derrick Lee, Production/Imaging Director, Touch Canada Broadcasting
  • "Thank you very much for such an incredibly fast turn around time! Beth - the announcement sounds great."
    David Collins, U.S. Accrediting Commission, Washington, DC
  • “Beth has done many recordings for us over the past year. Her voice is warm and welcoming and you can feel her friendly smile shine through it. Beth goes above and beyond to get the job done right and on time. Thanks for being there for us, Beth!”
    Rob Day, Redstream Media
  • "Beth Warden's reliable service and fast turnaround time on our technical presentation voice-over made that aspect of the project entirely hassle free. Her professional, warm and enthusiastic rendering of the script was just what we were looking for to describe and promote our client's software product."
    Cherilyn Michaels, M.Eng, President, Kalyna Consulting Ltd



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