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Darrell Mansfield
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Darrell Mansfield is an American Gospel/Blues musician.

Mansfield got his start in 1974 with a band called Jubal. When the band arrived at a Maranatha! Music meeting, they discovered that another band had a similar name. So, to avoid confusion or conflict, both bands decided to take on new names. Mansfield's band took the name, the Gentle Faith, which had been the name of band member Henry Cutrona's earlier group. The other band renamed themselves Daniel Amos.

Gentle Faith released their first self titled album in 1976 on Maranatha! music. Three years later, Mansfield formed the Darrell Mansfield Band which went on to release five albums: High Power; Get Ready; Darrell Mansfield Band : Live; Vision and Revelation.

Over the years that followed, Mansfield continued to record and tour heavily and has continued to be on the forefront of Blues Music in the Christian Music industry. He has released many critically acclaimed albums including a couple of projects with the Resurrection Band's Glen Kaiser.

Aside from releasing his own albums, Mansfield has also contributed harmonica to many other artist's recordings as well, including albums by Adam Again, and Loverboy.


  • Gentle Faith, 1976
  • Higher Power, 1979
  • Get Ready, 1980
  • Darrell Mansfield live, 1983
  • The Vision, 1983
  • Revelation, 1985
  • Darrell Mansfield Band live at Calvary Chapel, 1988
  • Trimmed and Burnin', 1990, with Glen Kaiser.
  • Blues with a Feelin', 1991
  • Live At Flevo, 1991
  • Get Ready ( Re-release ), 1992
  • Give Him Your Blues, 1992
  • Slow Burn, 1993, with Glen Kaiser.
  • Shack of Peasants ( 2 volume set ), 1993
  • The Blues Night, 1994, with Glen Kaiser.
  • Collection, 1994
  • Mansfield And Company, 1995
  • Tribute to Reverend Dan Smith, The Lord's House, 1995
  • Into the Night, 1995
  • Delta Blues, 1997
  • Crossroads, 1997
  • Last Chance Boogie, 1998
  • Darrell Mansfield Blues Band: Live in Europe, 1999
  • Darrell Mansfield Blues Band: Live On Tour, 2000
  • Soul'd Out, 2000
  • The Best of Darrell Mansfield Vol 1, 2004


  • First Love, 1998



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